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39 Awe-Inspiring Apparel Industry Statistics [For 2020]

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The clothing industry is the most powerful one today.  No wonder:  Many people invest a lot of money in their wardrobe. How much people spend on clothes depends on their gender, financial background, line of work, and how interested they are in keeping their wardrobe up to date.  Here’s the scoop: Apparel industry statistics confirm […]

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11 Sensational Jewelry Industry Statistics [2020 Edition]

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The world market for jewelry has been dominating the apparel industry for the last few decades. Diamonds are forever, and the fashion jewelry industry will have a bright and shiny future!  This is the reason why the largest jewelry companies never cease to invest in opening brand new stores across the world. In the end, […]

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35 Breathtaking Fashion Industry Statistics [The 2020 Look]

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The global apparel market is expected to increase in value to around $1.5 trillion in 2020, the latest fashion industry statistics tell us. At the same time, both consumers and brands are becoming increasingly aware of the importance of sustainable fashion. The thing is: While the size of the fast fashion market keeps growing, more […]

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25 Remarkable Alibaba Statistics [Updated for 2020]

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Jack Ma and 17 others founded Alibaba, a multinational conglomerate that specializes in ecommerce, internet, retail, and technology, from his small apartment in China. One day this former English teacher grew bored and decided he could do more than spend his days explaining the difference between present simple and present continuous to bored teenagers.  Jokes […]

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41 Astonishing Amazon Statistics [The 2020 Release]

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Mention online shopping, and most people will instantly think of Amazon.  Why is that? Quite simply: Amazon is the biggest ecommerce company in the world. It’s not a fluke that the online retail giant is the go-to option for suppliers, consumers, and sellers alike.  Now: Free shipping, low prices, the ability to shop 24/7, and […]

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How Many People Shop Online? [12 Burning Questions Answered]

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We buy products online for various reasons, ranging from price to convenience and delivery options. The thing is: Global internet access, connectivity, and the ability to shop from any device anytime anywhere have all contributed to the steady rise in the percentage of shopping done online. In terms of payment methods:   Ecommerce shoppers prefer […]

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71 Intriguing Credit Card Statistics to Make You Think Twice Before Paying With Plastic in 2020

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Some people argue that cash is still king in the US. But there’s no denying that Americans love plastic more than paper. Debit cards may be the most popular form of payment in the country, but credit cards are not that far behind. Actually, the US financial system incentivizes consumers to shop on credit. The […]