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How to Get Free Movie Tickets +8 FAQs Answered

by Milos Djordjevic

Going to the movies is all about the experience. Watching movies on Netflix or Prime Video might be more convenient, but we still choose to get up from the couch, put on a jacket, and visit our local theater. 

How great would it be to make going to the cinema even more affordable than watching Netflix? This article will show you how to get free movie tickets, step by step.

How to Get Free Movie Screening Tickets

The most popular way to see movies at the cinema for free is through advance screenings, especially if you live in or near a big city. 

Advance screenings are a marketing strategy to hype up an upcoming movie and get feedback from early viewers. The press, professional movie critics, and film enthusiasts love them. 

Watching a movie before everybody else can make the experience even more exciting. The audience’s reactions are genuine, you don’t have to worry about spoilers, and you know only film buffs are sitting in the movie theater with you. 

Let’s see how you can get access to these free movie screenings.

1. Visit AdvanceScreenings

AdvanceScreenings is a well-known website perfect for those looking to attend advance screenings for free. 

All you have to do is go to the official website and use the search function to check out advance screenings near you. You can search by ZIP code, movie, city, or outlet.

2. Search on Lionsgate Screenings

A lot of movie studios do advance screenings for the movies they produce. It’s a very effective marketing tool. 

Lionsgate, one of the most well-known movie studios, also happens to give out free movie tickets for advance screenings. You can check if such a screening is scheduled near you on this website. Just input your ZIP code, and you’re good to go.

3. Search on Gofobo

Gofobo offers printable movie tickets free of charge.

Go to their website, input your ZIP code, and see if there are any options available near you. If you find one, Gofobo will provide you with a code, which you can then redeem online. Once you get your pass, you can download it as a PDF and print it out. 

Some free movie passes even come with free popcorn and soft drinks, or might allow you to bring a guest along! What more could we ask for? 

4. Check out SeeItFirst

SeeItFirst is another website dedicated to granting people passes for advance screenings. It’s very similar to AdvanceScreenings. 

Visit the website, register for free, and you’re good to go. You’ll receive email notifications from SeeItFirst when there’s something available for you.

5. Search on Wild About Movies

Wild About Movies is an excellent website for all cinephiles out there. You can find everything you need, such as release dates, news, posters, trailers, reviews, and free movie screening tickets.  

You may also want to follow its Facebook page, an excellent source of news on the cinema world and advance screenings specifically.

6. Visit BackstageOL

BackstageOL is another viable option to get advance screening passes for free. 

You just need to visit the website and open the “Contests” page. There, you can participate in advance screening giveaways. BackstageOL collaborates with the most famous studios, such as 20th Century Fox, Warner Brothers, and Universal Studios.

7. Win Giveaways on ZayZay

ZayZay, much like BackstageOL, hosts giveaways, giving you a chance to win a free movie ticket to numerous excellent movies. 

Visit ZayZay’s giveaways page to check their latest offers out.

8. Find Warner Brothers Screenings in Your Area

If you love Warner Bros films, we highly suggest checking out this website

All you need to do is sign up, and you’ll start receiving free tickets to advance screenings and promotional events directly in your inbox. 

Once you get a code, you have to go back to the website and redeem it. You can also check for advance screenings near you by going to the “Find a Screening” section. 

9. Get Free Movie Screening Tickets from Sony

Like Warner Bros and Lionsgate, Sony also has a website for people looking for advance screenings near them.

All you need to do is enter your ZIP or postal code, and check out all the options near you. You must register an account before you can redeem your code, and once you do so, you can download and print your pass.

10. Don’t Forget Local Sources

Local newspapers, radio stations, and TV stations often give away free movie tickets. They can also give you more details on when and where advance screenings will be and how to find a free ticket. 

Learn more: How to Get Free Newspapers  

It’s easy to miss these promotions, so keep an eye out for them.

Now that you know where to find free movie tickets, it’s time to answer your further questions!

Your Questions Answered

1. How Much Do Movie Tickets Cost?

In 2021, movie tickets in the United States cost $9.57 on average, which was 11% more than in 2016.

Surprisingly, this 11% increase didn’t keep up with inflation, at least according to our calculations.

This all becomes even more interesting when we consider that movie theaters across the nation decreased from 5,869 to 5,798 between 2019 and 2020, and box office revenue dropped by a whopping 60% between 2019 and 2021, likely due to the effects of the pandemic on movie theater operations.

To sum up, it’s actually more affordable to go to the movies now than before the pandemic.

2. How Do You Get Discounts on Movies?

Let’s see how you can save a couple of bucks the next time you visit your local theater.

  • Movie theaters frequently offer early-bird discounts and student discounts.
  • Get a summer movie pass at Regal, Cinemark, and Harkins theaters, which will save you a lot of money on G and PG movies.
  • Sign up on Dealflicks and save up to 60% on a movie ticket.
  • Instead of going to the cinema, visit a drive-in, where prices are cut almost by half.
  • Download apps like Regal Mobile and Cinemark CineMode and find more discounts there.

3. When Are Movie Tickets the Cheapest?

Movie tickets are usually the cheapest on weekdays, from Monday to Thursday. 

A pass for a matinee screening—in the early afternoon or morning—will also be cheaper.

Tuesday is the weekday when movie tickets are the cheapest. On Tuesdays, you’ll be able to get matinee pricing even in the evening. AMC, Marcus Theaters, Movie Tavern, Georgia Theatre, and Regal offer special Tuesday discounts, so they’re worth checking out.

4. How to Get Free AMC Movie Tickets

To get free AMC movie tickets, all you have to do is connect to AdvanceScreenings and visit the section dedicated to AMC theaters.

You can also find free AMC advance screenings through other websites, like BackstageOL, ZayZay, Gofobo, and pretty much every other website we mentioned above.

If you can’t find a free ticket there, you can still save some money through these coupons.

5. How to Get Free Movie Tickets to Regal Cinemas

You can get free Regal Theaters tickets in three different ways: 

  1. Enter all the websites mentioned above to check if any Regal Theater near you is hosting an advance screening you can attend for free.
  2. Connect to Regal’s website and visit its promotion page.

Join Regal’s Crown Club and earn 100 points for each dollar you spend on tickets and concessions. You can then redeem your points for a Regal Cinema free movie ticket.

6. Does Cineplex Offer Free Movie Tickets?

Yes! Cineplex offers free movie screening passes, and you can get them in two ways.

The first one is to subscribe to Cineplex’s CineClub for $9.99 per month. You’ll get a free movie ticket every month, as well as special discounts on tickets and concessions. 

You can also get free Cineplex tickets through promo codes. Once you find a code you want to redeem, visit Cineplex’s website and follow the instructions.

7. How to Get Free Movie Tickets on Atom

You can get free Atom movie tickets through Atom Rewards. 

You can become an Atom Rewards member for free. Once you become a member, you’ll get access to exclusive offers, like earning a free Atom ticket for every four movies you watch.

You can become an Atom Rewards member by creating an Atom account.

8. How to Get Free Fandango Movie Tickets

You can earn Fandango tickets by signing up for Fandango’s free loyalty program, called Fandango VIP

The main perk of this program is that Fandango will reward you with 125 points for every ticket you buy. Once you reach 500 points, you’ll score a $5 reward, which you can use to get even more Fandango tickets. 

You’ll also get access to exclusive advance screenings, which is always a big plus.

Free Movie Tickets: Conclusion

As you can see, there are so many ways to get free movie tickets

Whether it’s through a loyalty program, an advance screening website, or coupons, it’s always fun to go to the movies for free.

We hope you found the perfect method for you. Good luck out there, and happy watching!