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How to Get Free Stuff on Amazon – The Ultimate Guide

by Milos Djordjevic

Did you know it’s possible to get stuff for free from Amazon? It’s true: the most prominent online retailer on the planet offers its users various opportunities to get products and services free of charge.

While everybody knows that shopping on Amazon can land you some incredible deals, few people take full advantage of everything the platform offers. This article will teach you how to get free stuff on Amazon through four different methods.

Due to some policy changes within the company, it’s become much harder to get free items on Amazon. While researching this topic, we found out that some of the most popular ways to get free things became unavailable. Most guides, however, didn’t pick up on this—ours will.

How to Get Free Products from Amazon in 2022

As we mentioned, there are various methods to receive free items and services from Amazon. Most people are already aware of Amazon Prime’s free trial, but the e-commerce giant offers its customers numerous other opportunities to earn themselves stuff free of charge. 

Below, we listed four different methods to earn free things on Amazon. Some will get you actual, tangible items to review, and others will give you access to some of Amazon’s premium features free of charge.

1. Join the Amazon Vine Program

If you’ve never heard of Amazon Vine, you’re not alone. In brief, it’s a program aimed at expert reviewers that gives its participants free products in exchange for honest, exhaustive, and accurate ratings. Almost no one knows about it because of its highly selective nature. But how can you join this highly coveted Amazon freebies reviewers’ club?

The prolific reviewers among you already have a pretty solid chance of joining the program. It’s accessible only by invitation, meaning you can’t apply to join or even ask for consideration. Fortunately, Amazon always looks for experienced and reputable reviewers to join Amazon Vine’s ranks.

Amazon establishes who can become a Vine Voice from how other customers rate reviews. Reviewers whose posts have a high helpfulness index, meaning that other users love them, and who show continuous interest in a particular category of products have a higher chance of being contacted by Amazon Vine recruiters.

Vine Voices don’t get paid. Instead, they receive free Amazon products for review. Sometimes, they may even receive pre-release products to quality-check and rate. 

We invite you to read more on Amazon Vine’s info page to get the full picture on what the company looks for in potential Vine Voices.

2. Join Facebook and Telegram Groups

Thousands of internet users worldwide devote much of their free time to spotting free and significantly discounted stuff online. While not restricted to Amazon only, most deals are still offered on that platform. 

Some time ago, Facebook was the place where these groups were most prominent, but with the swift rise of Telegram, most have established a sizeable presence there as well.

Finding free stuff on Amazon through these groups is certainly easier, but not all that glitters is gold—scams and phishing links are plentiful. We suggest you consider joining only highly reputable, established, and preferably private groups. Look for an active, present community, not groups littered with bots and automated messages.

Here are our favorite free-cycling communities on Telegram and Facebook:

Happy hunting!

3. Take Advantage of Free Trials

Free trials are the most orthodox and hassle-free way of getting stuff for free on Amazon. The online retail colossus offers various free trials and snippets of its multiple premium features and programs. You won’t have to worry about scams, and there are no strings attached to any of these options. We assure you that gaining free access to these services is even better than getting free stuff from Amazon. 

We highly suggest you start by subscribing to Amazon Prime’s 30-day free trial. We’re not talking about free shipping only: you’ll be able to take advantage of all the service’s main features, such as Prime Video, Reading, First Reads, and more, for a full 30 days, without having to pay anything afterward. On top of that, if you’re a student, you’re entitled to six whole free months of Amazon Prime and a 50% discount on a monthly subscription afterward.

Learn more: Walmart Plus vs. Amazon Prime 

Audible offers another amazing 30-day free trial, which allows you to listen to all audiobooks for free and lets you keep one audiobook of your choice forever.

4. Become a Professional Reviewer

The most long-term and potentially lucrative option on this list is becoming a professional reviewer. It requires fiery passion in your field and reviewing expertise only a few people possess. It will also take you considerably longer than other listed methods, but the pay-off is immense.

First, you must choose the type of items you want to review. Pick a niche you have a real interest in—technology, music, gaming, cooking—and build your online presence around that. You can set up a YouTube channel, a website, a TikTok profile, or an Instagram page to post your reviews.

If you’d like to opt for a website, be aware that a poorly built one may result in a massive waste of time and money. On the flip side, an optimized, attractive blog with helpful reviews and interesting top tens can bring tens of thousands of daily visits. 

For those interested in starting a YouTube channel, you may find it hard to break through at first, but studying your keywords and video structures will let you rise to the top in a reasonably short time. Companies will quickly notice you and offer you sponsorships and free Amazon products for review.

Now that you’ve chosen a platform, it’s time to write. Every review should answer some critical questions related to the product at hand. Evaluate the product’s ease of use, quality, and any alternatives to it, and summarize its pros and cons. Be mindful of your chosen platform and work around its features. Be honest and straightforward—if you sell out and falsify your reviews, your viewers or readers will pick up on it and leave.

After you’ve established a decent online presence, you can start contacting Amazon vendors or other unaffiliated brands and ask them for items to review. If you’ve done everything correctly and have compiled an extensive review portfolio, they’ll likely accept, and you’ll have finally received your coveted Amazon freebies. You can also expect firms to contact you for deals and sponsorships if you follow this route.


The saying “nothing comes for free” isn’t that universal anymore. These four methods to get free Amazon products and services clearly establish that. Good luck with your hunt for freebies!