Safest and Most Creative Places To Hide Money

We all have a few places where we keep extra cash hidden away—it can be the sock drawer or an empty sunscreen bottle. But these spots are old news and vulnerable to thieves. 

If you’re looking for the best places to hide money, consider one of the options on this list. Each is discreet and secure, making it the perfect solution for storing your cash. Take a look and choose the one that works for you!

Where to Hide Money

1. Best Places to Hide Money

The best place for stashing cash is safe yet accessible. You want to find a spot that’s secure from thieves and easy for you to reach. But finding such places might not be as simple as it sounds. So, here are some creative ideas for good hiding spots for money to get you inspired.

Fish Tank

There are several ways to hide money in a fish tank. Before you get started, make sure to put the money in a jar or another waterproof container. Then, you can hide it in the castle or the filter, or cover it with rocks. Most thieves would not search through your fish tank, so it’s an ideal stashing place.

The Pantry

If you’re wondering where to hide money at home, go to the pantry. The container of any dry pantry staple such as oats, coffee, or rice is a great hiding spot. Empty the jar, stash the money at the bottom, and cover it with the original contents. Make sure that no one can see there’s something else inside. Now you can return the jar in place and go on with your day!

In a Maxi Pad Box

Boxes of pads can easily serve as hiding places for valuables. This may seem like an unlikely spot, but it’s quite clever. First, you take the maxi pads out and then stash your cash inside. Close the lid and no one will be the wiser.

Hair Brush Money Safe

This one is not only secure, but also functional. It’s a real hairbrush, but with a hollowed center and detachable top. Roll up the money and push it inside the tube. After you screw back the top, you can continue brushing your hair as usual.

2. Worst Places to Hide Money

Hiding money can be a tricky business. If done poorly, it can lead to lost or stolen cash. To help you avoid this, we bring you some of the places you shouldn’t use, as everyone already knows about them. 

Under the Mattress

One of the worst places to hide money in your room is under the mattress. This is one of the first things thieves check. If you must stash cash in your bedroom, try hiding it in a sock or under a loose floorboard.

In a Plant Pot

Potted plants can make excellent hiding spots, but many thieves already know about this trick. If you decide to hide money there, choose an inconspicuous spot. Also, it’s better to use real plants instead of fake ones, as they’re less suspicious.

In the Freezer

This is another popular solution, but again one that thieves often check first. A safer option is to hide your cash in an empty food container or inside an old shoe.

In a Jewelry Box

Jewelry boxes are often targeted by thieves, so this isn’t the best way to hide money. Instead, you should consider a false-bottom drawer or a wall safe.

The Tank

The toilet’s water tank is a classic hiding money spot. It’s out of sight, but still easy to access when you need it. However, it’s an old and well-known trick, so thieves know about it too.

3. How to Hide Money When Traveling

When traveling, it’s important to take precautions to protect your valuables, including your money. There are several ways to safely hide cash and cards when you’re on the go. 

Anti-Theft Bags

Anti-theft bags are designed specifically for travel, with cut-proof, steel-cable-reinforced shoulder straps, slash-proof fabric, and locking zippers.

Anti-theft bags slow down pickpockets to give you time to notice them. This bag is available online on Amazon and other retailers. It can be a bit pricey, but consider it an investment that could save you money in the long run.

Money Belt

A cheaper option is to wear a money belt. This is a belt with a small, hidden pouch where you put the money. You can wear it around your waist or under your clothing.

Socks or Shoes

Another solution is to tuck your cash into a sock. This works especially well if you’re wearing a few layers, because thicker clothes will cover the socks better. 

You can also hide the money in a shoe. This option works only if you aren’t going to do any strenuous activities where the money could fall out. 

Hidden Part of a Bag

If you’re traveling with a backpack or handbag, consider hiding your cash in a secret compartment. Many bags come with hidden zippers or pockets that are perfect for stashing money.

Dummy Wallet

You can also buy a dummy wallet, which is a fake wallet that looks real. These items are designed to fool thieves into thinking they stole your real wallet. You can keep your money hidden in another part of your bag or clothing.

Some dummy wallets even come with a decoy credit card and ID to further the illusion.

4. How to Hide Money on Your Body

While traveling, the safest place to hide money is on the body. There are a few different ways to do this, besides the money belt we already mentioned.

Money Bra

The pocket-like slot is attached to the slings or placed in the cups of your bra. A money bra is made of leather, nylon, and polyester. It’s pleasant to wear, especially when wearing looser clothes. Also, no one will notice it, so you can enjoy your vacation knowing that your money is safe.

Leg Pockets

Leg pockets are money pouches that you strap to your leg. You can find several different models on the market. Some attach to your upper thigh, others to your knee or calf.

The lack of accessibility is the key benefit. Leg pockets are hard to get to, making pickpocketing almost impossible. Also, they’re very discrete. It’s nearly impossible to discern them under a loose pair of pants. 

Pocket Underwear

Smuggling Duds and Stashitware are two companies that manufacture men’s and women’s underwear with a hiding place for valuables. Even though it may be best not to dig into your pocket underwear for money while traveling, this option is virtually pickpocket-proof.

Money Socks

Zip It Gear designed security socks with a zippered compartment where you can store a credit card and cash. You might think they’re uncomfortable to wear, especially during long travel, but the high-quality fabric is soft, so you won’t feel any scratching or poking.

5. Best Places to Hide Money at Home

We want to believe that our home is a safe place, but it’s still vulnerable to burglaries and break-ins. So, we should make sure our valuables are safe and sound even in our house. That’s why we listed some creative hiding spots to get you inspired.

Behind a Drawer

One of the best places to hide money in your house is behind a drawer. Place money or important papers in an envelope and attach them to the back or side of a drawer. Even though burglars usually go for the drawers first, they usually look inside rather than behind the drawer.

Tub of Cat Litter

If you have a cat, this money hiding place is for you. You can bury your cash in a tub of unused cat litter—just don’t forget to put it in a Ziploc bag first.

In a Broken Device

An old computer, TV, VCR, or other broken devices around the house are great things to hide money in. 

Remove the back panel and place the cash inside. You can also use a compartment of an old vacuum cleaner, children’s toys, and anything else you can think of as a secret stashing place.

Floor Safe

A floor safe is a great option for a secure money hiding place at home. 

These safes go beneath the floorboards, making them virtually impossible to find unless you know where they are. They come in a variety of sizes, so you can choose one that’s large enough to fit all the cash you want to hide. 

Make sure to choose a safe that comes with a good warranty in case it gets damaged.

Inside a Staircase

Place cash in an envelope and tape it to the underside of one of the steps. If you have hardwood floors, you can also attach a piano hinge to the back of the board. This takes some effort, but it’ll be nearly unnoticeable, and you’ll be able to reach your money or valuables easily.

6. Best Places to Hide Money in the Bedroom

The bedroom offers some creative places for money stashing. Here are some ways to hide money there that everyone can use.

Inside a Hollowed-Out Book

If you have a stack of old books lying around, this is a great place to hide your cash. 

Choose a book that’s thick enough to hollow out and large enough to fit your needs. Carefully cut out the center of the book, making sure not to damage the spine or any of the pages’ outer edges. You can use a sharp knife or a box cutter for this. Once you have a hollowed-out space, put in your cash and return the book to the shelf.

In a Tennis Ball

In a bedroom full of sporting equipment, a tennis ball or any other ball is a great hiding spot. Cut a hole in the skin big enough for bills to slide in and out. After you hid the money, put the piece back in place.

In the Curtain Rod

Curtains can help you when looking for ways to hide money in your home, as some curtain rods have detachable ends. If you have one of those, simply remove the ends, roll up the cash with a tight rubber band, insert it into the end, then return the cap.

Fake Electrical Wall Outlet

You can buy fake electrical wall outlets that have a secret compartment to hide your money. 

These are great because they look just like real outlets. No one thinks twice about them. Just make sure to install them correctly so they don’t come loose and fall out.

Coca-Cola Stash Can

Another nice method to hide money, but only if you drink Coca-Cola. Make sure your coke can is similar to any other you have, otherwise it will be too obvious and catch the attention of thieves. Of course, you can always put your cash in the can of a different drink you buy often. 

Wall Clock Safe

This is one of the best places to hide valuables, as it’s both effective and inconspicuous. 

A wall clock safe looks like a regular wall clock, but it has a hidden compartment where you can stash your cash. It’s great for hiding money in plain sight. Just make sure to choose a clock that matches the rest of the décor in your room.

7. Best Places to Hide Large Amounts of Cash

Hiding large amounts of cash at home can be very tricky. You want to find a spot that’s out of the way, but still accessible if you need it. Here are some ideas to make the search easier!

In the Garden

If you have a garden, you should consider stashing money there. You can bury it in a flowerpot or on the ground. Before you do that, put it in an airtight container to prevent any bugs or dirt from ruining it. 

Also, don’t forget to mark the spot so you can find your cash later.

A Box in a Box

Put the money in a smaller container and then place it in a bigger box labeled with something mundane. It can be “Christmas decorations”, “Old toys”, or similar. Thieves probably won’t have time to go through every box, so your money will be safe.

Dining Chairs with False Bottoms

A drop-down hinged panel on your chairs might be one of the most effective locations to hide money. Some dining chairs have a false bottom box space beneath the seat for a fold-down hinged panel. These are perfect hiding places for large amounts of cash.

In a Wall Compartment

This hack is great if you have an old cable TV outlet. Simply unscrew the outlet from the wall, then tightly attach a cardboard box with money inside the outlet and re-screw the cover. This will provide you with a fantastic hiding spot to conceal your cash.

In the Insulation

This is one of the most perfect places to hide large amounts of money. Even if your burglar is experienced, they’ll never look through your insulation—it’s too time-consuming. That’s why this is one of the safest solutions.

8. Fireproof Places to Hide Money

It’s always a good idea to have some cash on hand in an emergency, such as a fire. But it can be tricky to know where to keep it. Here are some solutions.

Fireproof Safe 

One of the best money hiding spots is a fireproof safe. They’re designed to withstand high temperatures. So, even if your house were to catch fire, your money would be protected. 

Bury It

Another option is to keep your cash in a watertight container and bury it in your backyard. This may not be the most convenient option, but it’s one of the most secure ones.

Toilet Tank

Although not the safest and most creative place, this is the best place to hide money in case of a fire. Your cash will stay safe in the water, surrounded by a ceramic tank. So, you can be sure that fire won’t reach it.

The Car

Your car is less likely to catch fire than your home.

Keeping cash in your car works if you live in a safe neighborhood. If you’re worried about your car being broken into or stolen, this might not be the best option.

Parting Words

Finding a place to hide cash can be tricky. But, as you can see, there are many different places and solutions. You could hide it in a jar in the back of your closet, under your mattress, or in a hollowed-out book on your bookshelf.

Wherever you decide to hide your money, just make sure that it’s well-hidden and that you’ll remember where you put it.

And don’t forget to use your imagination! The more creative you are, the better chance you’ll have of keeping your money safe.

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