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With or without a Deluxe coupon code, the company offers a slew of trusted, technology-enabled solutions for various industries, such as:

  • Retail — from retail packaging to payroll and human resource management
  • Non-profit — from business & office supplies to digital marketing and web services
  • Healthcare — from apparel and wellness products to masks and hand sanitizers
  • Finance — from data-driven marketing and check & fraud solutions to treasury management onboarding processes

Hospitality — from concierge-level supplies and brand marketing to logo & website design.

Deluxe Promo Code 2020

Deluxe offers more than one product in its repertoire — business and office supplies, promotional items and apparel, brand and direct-performance marketing services, payments and receivables, hiring and payroll management, logo and website design, just to name a few. 

Because of this, it’s no wonder it has a very organized system of widespread discounts, coupon codes, and basically anything you can imagine that will lower your personal price tag.

Nowadays, you won’t have any trouble finding a Deluxe coupon code or a discount that can lower the price of products up to 40%, depending on the code you acquire. You can find these codes on display in the upper-right corner of the brand’s website. 

Since it provides an overwhelming amount of discounts, we have decided to provide you with the best Deluxe coupon codes you can find. Here they are:

  • KG855 - $30 off for orders over $200. Expiry date: December 31, 2020
  • KG856 - $25 off for orders over $200 or $50 off for orders over $350. Expiry date: December 31, 2020
  • KG857 - 30% Off for envelopes. Expiry date: December 31, 2020
  • KG858 - 40% Off first order of business checks & forms. Expiry date: December 31, 2020
  • KG859 - Free shipping & handling on check orders. Expiry date: December 31, 2020.

Types of Deluxe Coupon Codes

It is astonishing how many different Deluxe coupon codes you can find. However, the key brand’s promo codes enable you to either lower a straight-up amount you have to pay or lower a certain percentage of the overall price. Deluxe free shipping codes give you free shipping for some products.

To go into detail, some coupons give you 20-50% off when you order something over a certain price. For example, one Deluxe discount code will give you a 30% off if you spend over $200 in the brand’s store, as well as free shipping. Another one will allow you to pay 50% less on a $350 order.

On a side note, it is also easy to find a Deluxe printing coupon code that will lower up to 15% off for the brand’s printing material offers. There is also a Deluxe checks coupon that enables you to lower a certain percentage when purchasing the company’s business checks and forms. Ultimately, any Deluxe coupon code is easy to use.

How to Find Deluxe Coupon Codes 

Deluxe discount codes are somewhat easy to find. However, the brand doesn’t display them on its homepage, but rather on the dedicated coupon page. Right now, this dedicated coupon page conveniently displays all links to its individual sales and promotions that are currently available. If you want to see if there is a Deluxe promo code for a particular product, the search form you can find in the upper part of this page will help you. 

Deluxe promotion codes for Subscribing to Its Newsletter

When you sign up for the company’s electronic mailing list, you will receive its one-time promotional codes. However, the benefit of your subscription does not end there. Signing up enables you to stay current with the latest trends from various industries, as well as receive news, insights, and timely tips from the brand.

To use this code successfully, you should combine it with the brands’ other offers. You can’t use it on any previous order, though. It’s valid only for new emails. You will get a promo code in your email inbox after you sign up. However, ensure you use the promo code within its time limit, or it will become invalid.

How to Redeem a Deluxe Coupon

Redeeming a Deluxe coupon isn’t complicated, but it can be easy to forget. If you don’t want to make an error when doing this, follow these simple steps:

  1. Go to
  2. Here, you will see in the upper-right corner an input box for entering your code.
  3. Enter the code you have.
  4. Once the page shows you the code is activated, continue your shopping.
  5. Note that every coupon code applies to a specific offer, and you may not be able to redeem it on other products.

How to Save Without a Deluxe Promo Code

Even though there is a slew of Deluxe coupon codes, you can still save money without them. You can do this in various ways. Let’s explore them further:


As a company that offers a countless range of products, Deluxe made it possible for its customers to save money by ordering different bundles. When you buy a bundle, you purchase several different products together as a single combined unit at a price that is lower than the one you would pay if you bought each product separately.

Deluxe has a slew of different bundle options and brings new and exciting deals every month. Here we’ll mention some of the best options:

  • Travel tech kit bundle, for as low as $20.05 —  includes a portable charger with keyring.
  • Aluminum phone stand, electronics travel case, charging buddy, and more.
  • Exercise combo set with box, for as low as $11.30 — includes a collapsible bottle, safety light shoe clip, and lycra belt fanny pack.
  • Deluxe fun in the sun kit, for as low as $7.48 — includes a drawstring backpack, waterproof pouch, lip balm & sun stick, can cooler, and sunglasses.

Buying In-Bulk

Just like many other large-scale companies, Deluxe likes to reward customers who buy more of its products, so buying in-bulk will give you a nice discount even without a Deluxe promo code. Deluxe most popular wholesale (bulk) products come as promotional items such as:

  • Coffee Mugs
  • Personalized Pens
  • Custom T-shirts
  • Custom pencils
  • Custom Tote bags
  • Keychains
  • Custom flash drives
  • Custom calendars
  • Personalized journals
  • Promotional flying disks
  • Custom hats.

Keep in mind that the prices you see at Deluxe website are retail pricing. For a bulk quote, you should contact its sales department.

Free Shipping

The brand doesn’t offer free shipping for all products. However, you can always use Deluxe free shipping codes to get free shipping for whole categories of its products.

Promotional Product Clearance Sale

Since Deluxe offers so many products often on a wholesale level, you can also save money on the brand’s clearance sale offer. The only caveat is that Deluxe doesn’t offer all products for clearance sale, and that these offers quickly expire. If you see a product you like on clearance sale, better snag it fast as it’s probably going to be gone the next time you visit!

Deluxe Terms and Conditions and Return Policy

The brand offers a no-risk guarantee, meaning that it guarantees the products will arrive on time, just the way you purchased them. In the event that your imprint differs from the proof you approved, the brand will issue a reprint or your merchandise or refund your money in accordance with its return policy.

If your order arrives damaged or your items are defective in any way, Deluxe will quickly send a corrected order free of charge or refund you for the damaged goods. In order for Deluxe to issue a reprint or refund, it may need you to arrange for a pickup of your defective or damaged order. You can find out more about the company's terms and conditions here


Ever since its founder invented checkbook, Deluxe strived to be a champion of business. It supports thousands of financial institutions, powers millions of small companies, and moves billions of dollars. From digital marketing, payroll services, and logo design to remote deposit capture, integrated receivables, and promotional products, Deluxe empowers individuals and companies alike. Find a valid Deluxe coupon code and profit.