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Vape Accessories starting at just $3.99

Starting @ $3.99 (Products include Vape Coils, Vape Pods, Replacement Glass and more) only

Expired On July 8, 2020
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Best Offer

Vape Accessories starting at just $3.99

Starting @ $3.99 (Products include Vape Coils, Vape Pods, Replacement Glass and more) only

Expired On July 8, 2020

So, whether you're relatively new to vaping or already a seasoned veteran, this alternative to traditional cigarettes offers numerous benefits. And Direct Vapor is a hugely popular provider of all things related to vaping, from the necessary hardware to the top-of-the-line trinkets, both of which allow users to enjoy their hobby. 

To that end, utilizing a Direct Vapor promo code will set you up with the chance to save money while getting the most out of your Direct Vapor quality supplies. Here’s everything you need to know about how to find the best Direct Vapor coupon for your needs, and, at the same time, get your hands on the highest quality vaping hardware.

Direct Vapor Coupon/Promo Code 2020

Offering a varied selection of e-liquids, accessories, e-cigs, and mods, Direct Vapor stands as one of the largest online vape shops today. In comparison to the vast majority of other vape shops, most of the products on are available at a more affordable price, while retaining high quality. When looking to maximize your savings, your best bet is to make use of a Direct Vapor coupon code and enjoy first-rate vaping products and accessories. When it comes to Direct Vapor coupons, you have a ton of options at your disposal.

Types of Coupons

When it comes to how Direct Vapor operates, you should know that we're talking here about a full-on ecommerce business. As such, Direct Vapor does not have any brick-and mortar-shops, meaning that the best Direct Vapor deals you can benefit from will be in the form of digital coupons. Some of the most famous examples include a Direct Vapor $10 off coupon, a Direct Vapor gift card, or even Direct Vapor sale coupons for extra savings. 

How to Find Coupon Codes

If you’ve shopped online before, you might have been in a situation where a business has a dedicated coupon page on their website or offers free coupons in exchange for applying to the mailing list. Keep in mind that Direct Vapor does not use this method. In other words, you won't be able to source coupon codes directly.

Instead, you can get your hands on a Direct Vapor discount code here at SaveMyCent. Another way to diversify your search for a coupon is to do a browser search for the same term. But why would you bother with that when you can simply bookmark this page?

How to Redeem Promo Codes

Redeeming Direct Vapor discount codes is no different than redeeming any other coupon codes you may have used before. However, Direct Vapor does not accept coupon codes during checkout. 

Here’s the thing:

The process starts with finding the item or items you want to purchase. In the case of Direct Vapor products, you have several options to choose from when it comes to purchasing, let's say, e-liquid.

You can find a multitude of different flavors and brands of e-liquid at Direct Vapor. For instance, you’ll need to select different nicotine content options, bottle size, and PG/VG ratios.

When it comes to a Direct Vapor offer in terms of available nicotine strengths, you'll typically choose between 12 mg, 6 mg, 3 mg, and 0 mg. As far as bottle sizes go, you'll need to opt for either a 30 ml, 50 ml, and 100 ml bottle. At the same time, you'll also be privy to additional options depending on the flavor and brand. 

Examples include: 300 ml, 240 ml, 180 ml, 120 ml, 90 ml, 80 ml, 75 ml, 20 ml, 15 ml and 5 ml, respectively. Lastly, your options when it comes to PG/VG rations include MAX VG, 20/80, 40/60, 25/75, 30/70, 70/30, and 50/50. 

Please note that your choice of the number of bottles to purchase may also make you eligible for a Direct Vapor coupon. In other words, buying multiple bottles may often make you eligible for an additional discount.

You'll need to choose to either create a new account or sign in to your existing one before going to check out. Although not always required, you can benefit from faster customer support and receive sales emails as well as track orders. 

To redeem your various DirectVapor coupon codes, you’ll need to become a newsletter subscriber, as these codes are sent exclusively via email. Your discount will activate immediately after signing up.

How to Save Without Coupons/Promo Codes

There are ways to save money even without using specific DirectVapor coupons. If you don’t want to use a Direct Vapor coupon, you should know that the website also offers other options. 

Save More with the Direct Vapor Newsletter

Signing up for Direct Vapor newsletter allows you to save money on purchases and also earn free products altogether. You can even take things one step further with the auto-delivery program (the Direct Vapor Loyalty Program), which grants you additional savings. 

The Direct Vapor Loyalty Program

Thanks to this loyalty program, you’re able to benefit from ordering products additionally, even without a separate Direct Vapor promo code. Some of these benefits include 10% off on your first auto-ship order, as well as 10% off on your entire order after you sign up for the company’s newsletter. 

But it doesn’t end there: 

You also get 5% off all auto-ship orders even after you get the 10% discount on the first one. 

Free Shipping

You can benefit from Direct Vapor free shipping for all orders within the continental United States. Select the products you'd like to purchase, proceed to checkout, and you’re eligible for the free-of-charge Direct Vapor shipping option. 

Warranty & Return Policy

Priding itself on selling only the most excellent quality vaping products and accessories, Direct Vapor also offers a 60-Day warranty on all items. However, note that e-liquids, atomizer heads, cartomizers, clearomizers, tanks, and clearance items represent an exception. 

As far as the return/refund options are concerned, you’ll have a 15-day window within which you’ll need to send your product back to Direct Vapor and receive your refund. 


There’s no doubt that Direct Vapor specializes in only the highest quality vaping products for clients and hobbyists around the world. Whether you’re looking to get a discount for a specific vaping product or accessory or hoping to save money on your bulk order, your safest option is to sign up for the Direct Vapor newsletter and become a member of the privileged few. 

In doing so, you'll save money with your very own Direct Vapor coupon or Direct Vapor promo code and become eligible for several other discounts, promotions, and deals unavailable for the general public. Good luck!