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Are you preparing a business presentation? Maybe you’re a marketer conceptualizing a product catalog or a website? Perhaps you’re a graphic designer working on your first masterpiece?...show more
Are you preparing a business presentation? Maybe you’re a marketer conceptualizing a product catalog or a website? Perhaps you’re a graphic designer working on your first masterpiece? Or you’re a software designer visualizing the user interface of the next big app? Subscribe to Flaticon. It owns the largest database of vector icons in the four corners of the cyberworld. Whatever digital project you have on your plate, the company can give you access to countless graphics in order to help you put the right visual elements together and paint the picture you wish to convey. Read on to discover what Flaticon coupon you can claim today to use the service at a discount. show less
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1 month Premium @ just €9.99
Expired On July 3, 2020
Verified On July 2, 2020
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12 months Premium @ just €7.50
Expired On July 3, 2020
Verified On July 2, 2020

Flaticon 20% Promo Code 2020

The hottest Flaticon promo code right now is CAFI20OFF. This Flaticon premium coupon entitles you to a whopping 20% off any plan you prefer. 

Whether you pick the monthly or annual subscription, being able to redeem this Flaticon discount code is a big deal.

It will unlock more than 3 million icons in all formats, including SVG, PNG, PSD, and EPS, let you download up to 2,000 unique assets daily, create various collections in Icon font and SVG Sprite, and publish your output without any attribution to the author whatsoever.

As a premium user, you’ll also get to use the Flaticon editor to manipulate the properties of any graphic you fancy. In case something goes wrong, you’ll receive the VIP treatment and be given priority by the company’s elite support team.

You may only use a Flat icon coupon code once, which is why we’d like to share another Flaticon voucher you may find useful later on - AFFI10MF. This coupon lets you take 10% off your new subscription.

How to Find Flat icon Coupon Codes

You can find the Flaticon coupon code in the spotlight on the company’s website. However, you need luck to encounter the pop-up message that’ll bring you to the landing page that contains it in order for you to use it at checkout.

So, if you don’t like leaving things to chance, regularly visit SaveMyCent. We vow to keep our dedicated Flaticon page up to date and display nothing but active coupons that guarantee big savings.

Flaticon Coupon for Subscribing to a Newsletter

Signing up to Flaticon’s mailing list comes with no coupon reward. The real benefit of your newsletter subscription is the chance to learn about future Flaticon Black Friday deals and Flaticon cash back promos before anyone else. You wouldn’t want to miss out on exclusive Flaticon special offers when they drop!

How to Redeem a Flaticon Coupon Code

The featured 20% coupon is applied automatically. But if you wish to use the 10% one (or some other voucher you may find here down the road), remember these simple steps:

  1. Click “Pricing” on the upper right-hand corner of the homepage.
  2. Hit the “Subscribe now” button next to your chosen plan.
  3. Copy and paste the promo code in the “INSERT YOUR COUPON HERE” field.
  4. Wait for 3 seconds.

The system will validate the code you used automatically. If it works, the cost of your plan should reflect the Flaticon discount. If the code doesn’t work, a message in red will appear under the field, saying “This coupon is invalid.”

How to Save Without a Flaticon Coupon

Having an active coupon to redeem will surely make your subscription more affordable. But it’s not the only Flaticon money-saving option at your disposal. We’ve found more than one Flaticon offer you can take advantage of. 

Flaticon Deals

Flaticon Free Trial

  • Access to thousands of complimentary icons
  • Non-Registered Users
    • Maximum of 10 icon downloads per day
    • Maximum of 1 icon collection per day
  •  Registered Users
    • Maximum of 100 icon downloads per day
    • Maximum of 3 icon collections (50 icons each) per day

Discounted Annual Plan

  • $8.25 per month only (down from $11.99)
  • 31% discount
  • Savings of $44.88

Flaticon Referrals

For every purchase or renewal you send Flaticon’s way, you’ll get a 15% cut. If you have a lot of followers on social media or own a highly visited website, your commissions can add up fast.

If you’ve never sold anything before, you’d benefit a ton from Flaticon’s intuitive platform, powerful tools, and expert advice to generate a significant number of sales consistently.

Flaticon Warranty and Return Policies

When you sign up to Flaticon’s service, your money won’t be gone instantly. The company has a 30-day refund guarantee, giving you the opportunity to ask for reimbursement if you’re not totally happy with what it has to offer.

However, you may request a full refund only if you haven’t downloaded any asset during the first 30 days from the date of your purchase. Also, the company won’t refund your payments for previous subscriptions.

Check out Flaticon’s Terms of Use to learn about its warranties.

Entrust the Icon in the Realm of Graphics

Icons hold a sacred place on the Web. The notoriously shrinking attention spans of internet users necessitate the use of compelling visuals to arrest the eye and bring clarity to brevity. The fewer words you use, the better you can get your message across quickly and effectively.

With Flaticon’s growing community of talented graphic designers, you’ll never run out of fresh content to choose from in order to help you express everything you want to.

So, what are you waiting for? Grab a Flaticon coupon now to tap the company’s ever-expanding selections and make as many editable graphics your own at a fraction of the cost!