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One of the first unpleasant post-wedding surprises newlyweds often face is the grueling name-change process. Since marriage is an institution, you might think that there’s an efficient,...show more
One of the first unpleasant post-wedding surprises newlyweds often face is the grueling name-change process. Since marriage is an institution, you might think that there’s an efficient, stress-free system in place to update your information after tying the knot. If you share this belief, you’re in for a rude awakening. If you want to start your married life on a good note, use HitchSwitch. The company can help you do the heavy lifting without breaking a sweat. show less
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Whether or not you take advantage of a HitchSwitch promo code, you won’t have to put up with the long lines at relevant government agencies, outdated forms, and tons of paperwork.

With HitchSwitch, you’ll be able to navigate the different and confusing application procedures of not just the authorities but also other parties like financial institutions, health-care facilities, and utility companies.

So, how exactly can HitchSwitch make the name-change process simpler? How much will the company’s services set you back? Is there a way to get the most of what HitchSwitch has to offer without spending as much to help give wallet a breather after the big day?

Let’s answer all of your pressing questions below.

HitchSwitch Coupon 2022

HitchSwitch offers three packages: Print at Home ($39), Full Service ($69), and Platinum ($99).

The first one provides you with online access to all the necessary docs you can fill out and print yourself, enabling you to change your name in minutes.

The second package also lets you receive auto-filled papers in the mail and prepaid envelopes, while the third features HitchSwitch’s full service and includes a ready-to-ship passport photo and a name change concierge. This concierge will personally handle any concerns you may have, so you don’t have to wait for assistance when contacting the company’s main support channels.

Although it’s most expensive, the Platinum package is HitchSwitch’s most popular offering, if Hitchswitch reviews are to be believed, and a promo code can help trim some of the extra cost as well. 

If you’re one of them, you’d be glad to know that SaveMyCent can help you pick a suitable  package without looking at the price. With the use of a HitchSwitch discount code you could get a voucher for 10% off — or maybe more.

It doesn’t even have to be the popular HitchSwitch promo code the knot” .Typically, the company is generous enough to issue more than one HitchSwitch.com coupon code at a time and keep them active for a long period.

With a HitchSwitch coupon code, you’ll be saving big, without having to put in any extra effort. Just keep in mind the fact that coupons expire after a set time, so be sure to use yours before that happens!

Types of HitchSwitch Coupons

Not every HitchSwitch promo code is tied to a discount. Some are given to Platinum clients to take and claim their passport photos via the NewPassportPhoto.com app. Such a code is granted upon login.

How to Find a HitchSwitch Promo Code

HitchSwitch doesn’t advertise promo codes on its website, so SaveMyCent is your best source of discount coupons. 

Following the company on social media is always a good idea, as it sponsors promotions from time to time, and you might find a HitchSwitch coupon shared on its Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, or YouTube account if your timing is right.

HitchSwitch.com Coupon for a Newsletter Subscription

Signing up for the HitchSwitch’s newsletter is tantamount to saying yes to email promo alerts. If you’re lucky, you’ll get a coupon right to your inbox.

How to Redeem a HitchSwitch Promo Code

To apply your HitchSwitch discount using any of the coupon codes above, here are the simple steps:

  1. Fill out the company’s application form.
  2. Copy and paste your promo code in the designated box on order summary.
  3. Click “Apply.”

If the coupon is valid, the discount will apply automatically. If it isn’t, a notice will appear below the field, telling you that the coupon is invalid.

Follow the same process when redeeming a HitchSwitch gift card.

How to Save Without a HitchSwitch Coupon

You can earn some cash through the company’s affiliate marketing program, if you’re short on funds and have no coupon. 

HitchSwitch Affiliate Program

If you have a website that publishes content about the wedding industry, joining HitchSwitch’s affiliate program gives you viable means to monetize your platform.

Commissions start 10%. The company claims that the average order size it receives is $74, so do the math.

Like the union of a loving couple, your partnership with HitchSwitch will be based on mutual success. To keep you motivated, you’ll receive timely updates on special offers, some of which may render your referrals more compelling.

HitchSwitch Refund Policy

If you get cold feet and decide not to move forward with your order after making a payment, you may request for a refund. The only requirement is that you return whatever the company sent you, accompanied by valid proof of purchase, within 45 days from the date of delivery.

You may not get a full refund, though, for HitchSwitch will deduct the original shipping and handling costs from your payment.

Once all is cleared, the company will process your refund request within 3 business days at max. But you’d wait 5 to 10 business days for the funds to be credited to the original payment method you used.

HitchSwitch: The Game-Changing Name Changer

Don't sign up for a taxing name change process when you sign your name in the marriage contract. Go with HitchSwitch after you get hitched. Remember to apply a HitchSwitch promo code when you do!