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Parallels is a global leader in virtualization. The company offers a powerful app that lets you run Windows on Mac without rebooting, so you don’t have more
Parallels is a global leader in virtualization. The company offers a powerful app that lets you run Windows on Mac without rebooting, so you don’t have to buy new hardware to do more. Parallels also allows you to connect your mobile device to a computer to access your apps and files remotely with speed and convenience 24/7. It doesn’t matter if you’re an ordinary student, a power user, or an entrepreneur who collaborates with multiple Mac and Windows users regularly, there’s a Parallels coupon code for you to optimize your computer and reach a new level of productivity. show less
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Recently Expired Offers

Best Deal
Get An Extra 10% Off Parallels Desktop Perpetual
Expired On September 30, 2022
Verified On May 30, 2022
Super Offer
Get 10% Off Standard Editions on 1 Year Plan
Expired On September 30, 2022
Verified On May 30, 2022
Super Offer
Remote Application Server, 1 Year Subscription From $99
Expired On September 30, 2022
Verified On May 30, 2022

Parallels Promo Code 2022

Parallels coupons can be versatile. A Parallels Toolbox for Mac coupon code that reduces the cost of an annual subscription and eliminates the need for a plethora of apps with an economical suite of more than 30 one-touch tools developed for macOS and Windows 10 may also work for the Windows version.

You can’t find any vouchers that were initially issued for older iterations of a Parallels product. In other words, every Parallels Desktop 12 coupon code, Parallels Desktop 13 coupon code, Parallels Desktop 14 coupon code that ever existed is no more.

Read on to learn how to find coupons that have real value and redeem them properly.

Types of Coupons 

Parallels offers coupon codes that provide a discount. The company might provide them during promotions, and you can apply them during a checkout process. Keep an eye on the latest offers or check out the SaveMyCent website to stay up to date. 

How to Find a Parallels Coupon

SaveMyCent strives to be the ultimate source of Parallels offers. We’re elated to feature the hottest Parallels deal right now, but we won’t stop until we find and test a valid Parallels Desktop for Mac Pro coupon code or Parallels Desktop for Mac Business coupon code.

Parallels Coupon for Subscribing to a Newsletter 

Creating an account with Parallels, which effectively signs you up for its newsletter, won’t earn you a bonus coupon at the moment.

However, we advise you to stay subscribed to receive Parallels Cyber Monday deal alerts and other major Parallels sale event news.

How to Redeem a Parallels Coupon Code

Claiming promo code-based Parallels discounts can be tricky, so read these instructions carefully:

  1. Choose the subscription you need
  2. Look for a small box below the description of the product you want to buy
  3. Check the box to make the designated “promo code” field appear
  4. Enter the Parallels for Mac coupon code in the field
  5. Click “Apply”

The box won’t show up when there’s already a Parallels Desktop coupon code, a Parallels upgrade coupon code, or a Parallels Access coupon code applied to the product you wish to purchase.

How to Save Without a Parallels Coupon Code

Read on to find out what Parallels special offer you can take advantage of without a coupon.

Parallels Seasonal and Holiday Sales

The company offered a Parallels Black Friday discount last year. You’ll likely be eligible for the same kind of promo in November 2022.

Parallels Deals

Free Trials

  • Home
    • Parallels Desktop 15 for Mac
      • Downloadable free version
    • Parallels Toolbox for Mac & Windows
      • Seven-day trial
    • Parallel Access
      • Downloadable free version
  • Business
    • Parallels Remote Application Server
      • Trial available in the cloud 
    • Parallels Desktop Pro Edition
      • Downloadable free version
    • Parallels Desktop for Mac Business Edition
      • Downloadable free version
    • Parallels Mac Management for Microsoft SCCM
      • Plug-in
      • Test tool required

Parallels Desktop for Mac Birthday Discount

  • 25% off
    • New Parallels Desktop for Mac Standard Edition license
      • One-year plan
        • $59.99 only (for the first 12 months)
        • $20 savings
      • One-time purchase
        • $74.99 only
        • $25 savings
        • No free upgrades
    • Upgrade to Desktop 15 version
      • One-time purchase
        • $37.49 only
        • $12.50 savings
    • Upgrade to Desktop for Mac Pro Edition
      • One-year plan
        • $3.12 per month only
        • $12.50 savings
    • Parallels Desktop for Mac Pro Edition
      • $74.99 only (for the first 12 months)
      • $25 savings
    • Parallels Desktop for Mac Business Edition
      • One-year plan
      • $74.99 only (for the first 12 months)
      • $25 savings

Discounted Plans

  • Parallel Access
    • Two-year plan
      • $34.99 only
      • $4.99 savings
  • Parallels Remote Application Server
    • Two-year plan
      • $189.99 per concurrent user only
      • $9.99 savings
    • Three-year plan
      • $269.99 concurrent user only
      • $29.98 savings

Parallels Student Discount

  • 50% Parallels education discount Desktop for Mac Standard Edition
  • Available to postsecondary students living in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, and Germany only
  • Student verification and eligibility required

Parallels Referrals 

The company offers a referral program specifically for current and past Parallel Toolbox subscribers and trial users. You can generate a referral link through the Program command and share it through Twitter, Facebook, or email.

You’ll receive three months’ worth of free Parallel Toolbox for every referred customer you bring to the company that pays a subscription fee for the product. In this program, you’d refer up to eight new Parallel Toolbox subscribers.

If you’re an active Parallel Toolbox subscriber at the time your referral was successfully made, your renewal date will be pushed back three months. But if your paid subscription has expired or you have an active or expired trial, you’ll receive an activation code via email instead to claim your reward.

Trial, Cancellation, Refund, and Warranty Policies

Parallels Trial Policy

By the end of your free trial, you’ll be required to pay for the full software version if you want to continue using it. You can also buy it at any point during the free trial period. 

Parallels Cancellation Policy

Turning off the auto-renewal option of an active Parallels subscription will effectively cancel it on its expiration date.

Parallels Refund Policy

You may apply for a full refund only if you bought a Parallel product on the company’s online store and return it within 30 days of purchase.

Parallels Warranty Policy

To learn about Parallels’ warranties, review its Terms of Use.

Make Parallel Worlds Seamlessly Collide

You wouldn’t know the absolute convenience you’re missing until you break the technological barriers that separate different devices and operating systems.

Begin blurring the lines between Mac and Windows, and grab a Parallels coupon code to save money on your subscription today!