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ProWritingAid is made for anyone looking to become a smarter writer. It is a style editor, grammar checker, and writing teacher all in one. If you’re more
ProWritingAid is made for anyone looking to become a smarter writer. It is a style editor, grammar checker, and writing teacher all in one. If you’re looking to strengthen your writing ability, ProWritingAid is the platform for you, as it offers style and world-class grammar inspection that mixes with more complex reports. Whether you find a ProWritingAid coupon or not, the platform’s original combination of articles, quizzes, suggestions, and videos, will make your writing engaging and fun. Its program can give you over 1,000 suggestions for improving your style, so you don’t have to worry when editing. show less
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Even if your grammar is beyond great, your writing may still appear clumsy and awkward. ProWritingAid will help you find and resolve negative writing elements such as:

  • Vague words
  • Too long sentences
  • Being repetitive
  • Using too many adverbs
  • Using passive voice
  • Over-complicated sentences.

ProWritingAid has tools like a contextual thesaurus and word discoverer that will enable you to use the right words to make your point. You will also consistently improve your writing and learn as you edit since the app allows you to view and remove your own most common errors and bad habits.

If you want to find out more about ProWritingAid discounts and promo codes, read on!

ProWritingAid Coupon Code 2020

ProWritingAid website doesn’t always display the app’s coupons and promo codes. Fortunately, you have come to the right place. If you want 20% off the app’s subscription, you just need to enter the pro writing aid discount code — KINDLEPRENEUR20.

This ProWritingAid discount applies to both yearly and lifetime subscriptions. The first subscription is excellent if you aren’t sure if the app is right for you, while the latter is perfect if you’re satisfied with the app and don’t want to worry about paying for it again. The ProWritingAid lifetime subscription also includes every future update of the app — a deal of a lifetime!

How to Find ProWritingAid Coupon Codes

Unfortunately, you won’t be able to find any ProWritingAid discount codes on the app’s website. However, you shouldn’t lose hope yet. You can always visit SaveMyCent to find out the hottest and latest deals from your ultimate writing style and grammar checker tool. Coupons from other great brands in the United States are also available here.

Promo Codes for Subscribing to ProWritingAid Newsletter

If other things are pressing you and you don’t have the time to frequently check out the website for a ProWritingAid coupon code, don’t fret. You can always sign up to the app’s newsletter list and receive various offers, insightful writing tips, and news in the writing industry from ProWritingAid writing experts themselves.

How to Redeem ProWritingAid Promo Codes 

Just like with any other old ProWritingAid discount code, you will need to enter the new discount code in the designated field you can find at the website’s pricing page. To do this, you will have to go to the app’s website and click on the “Pricing” button you can find in the site’s navbar in the upper part of the screen.

The button will lead you to the pricing page. There, you will find the box for entering the code. Next, copy and paste the code into the box. If the total sum of your receipt reflects the discounted price, you’ve successfully redeemed the code.

Other Information About Coupons

ProWritingAid reserves the right to cancel or honor any discount, coupon code, free trial, referral credit, gift card, or any other offer it promotes.

The business is also able to exercise its own discretion to impose conditions and/or limitations on the honoring of any discount, free trial, coupon code, referral credit, gift card, or any other promotional offer.

In the end, you can use the promo code once and for one person only.

How to Save Without Coupons/Promo Codes

Even if you can’t find a ProWritingAid license code, you can still become a better writer without paying the full price for the company’s product. This England-based brand offers three different ways for you to write more efficiently in less time, all while saving your hard-earned cash. In the sections below, you will find ways to improve your writing without spending so much.

ProWritingAid Student Discount

Since the brand was established with education in mind, you can get a ProWritingAid student discount that gets you a nice 20% off the price. Of course, to acquire it, you have to be a student and check the specific requirements for your school. Moreover, the brand offers several licenses for academic institutions for as little as several dollars per student. 

If you are a student searching for an essay writing app to help you improve the quality of your thesis or paper, then ProWritingAid student discount is the right thing for you. Especially if your teacher is getting distracted by unclear ideas and errors, and you aren’t getting the grade you deserve.

In the end, since most teachers nowadays run their students’ works through plagiarism checkers, you can utilize the ProWritingAid Plagiarism checker to find out whether you have any accidental plagiarism in your essay before your professor does. While ProWritingAid doesn’t write essays in your name, its grade-saving grammar checker assists you in keeping your work unique and making your writing process easier and faster.

ProWritingAid Bulk Order

If you have friends who also want to write better and quicker, then ProWritingAid Bulk Order discount may be just the thing for you! The brand offers substantial discounts for those who purchase more than one license. Gather your fellow bloggers and writers and order a bulk purchase that will net you the following discounts:

  • For three to four licenses, every one of you gets 10% off the price.
  • For five to nine licenses, every one of you gets 15% off the price.
  • For 10 to 15 licenses, every one of you gets 20% off the price.
  • For 16 and more licenses, every one of you gets 25% off the price.

ProWritingAid Free Trial

If you want to test different options before making your decision, you should take the ProWritingAid free trial that, as you can guess, doesn’t cost a dime. You will only need to create an account on its website. To do this, you will need to add your email and choose a password. In addition, you will need to select what type of writer you are — fiction, nonfiction, academic, business, etc., so that the app can help you better.

ProWritingAid free trial version will give you a summary report of key issues it found in your writing and allow you to edit 500 words at a time. However, the free version will only give you 19 writing reports, and you can only use it online. If you need plagiarism checks, the ability to integrate the app with Word, Google Docs, or Chrome, and don’t want to be bothered by the word limit, you should try out the brand’s premium version.

ProWritingAid Refund Policy

ProWritingAid doesn’t guarantee customer satisfaction. However, it also understands that you can’t really like something until you test it. That is why there is a ProWritingAid refund policy that allows you to try ProWritingAid Premium for 14 days risk-free.

However, you shouldn’t try to abuse the company’s refund policy. If you receive one refund, then you are not entitled to another one. If you want a refund, all you have to do is email the company to get your money back. You can also easily stop your subscription at any given time by visiting your user profile and turning off the auto-renew option.

If you need more information about the ProWritingAid refund policy, you can visit the brand’s Terms of Service.


Whether you are a blogger, fiction author, content writer, or just want to write perfect emails and presentations, then this app is what you need. Whether you find a ProWritingAid discount or not, the app’s abilities to improve your writing, better your style, and check your grammar and plagiarism are worth every penny.

This platform is the only one of its kind that offers world-class style and grammar checking combined with complex reports that better your writing. Actually, ProWritingAid has more features than any other manuscript editing app in the world. Moreover, some of those features are only present in this product.

Start today, and use every ProWritingAid coupon you can find!