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If you're tired of demanding phone providers and complicated contracts, and you get anxious when it comes to paying for data and minutes you can't spend, more
If you're tired of demanding phone providers and complicated contracts, and you get anxious when it comes to paying for data and minutes you can't spend, then Tello might be the right solution for you. Simply choose the smartphone you like the most, opt for a payment package that best suits your budget, and solve your phone plan needs quickly and easily.  show less
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Free $10 Tello Dollars
Valid Till December 31, 2020
Verified On November 16, 2020
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Extra $10 Credit For New Customer
Valid Till December 31, 2020
Verified On November 16, 2020
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Get $10 Credit For Sign Up
Valid Till December 31, 2020
Verified On November 16, 2020
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Free $15 Account Credit
Valid Till December 31, 2020
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Enjoy 15% off select Plans for New Customers
Valid Till December 31, 2020
Verified On November 16, 2020

You can also take advantage of a Tello coupon for additional discounts and talk to anyone you need at the most affordable prices. Finding the right provider that offers a good balance between basic requirements and affordable payment options can be very simple. How? Take a look at the following text for some available discounts, and see how you can save money with Tello.

Tello Coupon Code 2020

The first thing you should keep in mind is that Tello has convenient monthly plans, particularly appealing to those who don't like to talk much. All Tello plans are prepaid, which means that you won't need to sign any contracts, and the service works on the Sprint network. 

In addition to the fact that you can combine minutes and data to create custom plans according to your preferences, you can do so at very affordable prices. But there are also many other ways you can benefit from additional savings. All you have to do is look for the latest Tello promo code or Tello discount code, and simply talk whenever and how much you want at reasonable prices. 

Types of Coupons

Let's take a closer look at how you can save and what type of discounts and coupons Tello has to offer. 


If you want to treat yourself to a new phone, take advantage of the internet and find the perfect Tello phone coupon and save between $10 and $20 on your mobile purchase. However, if you're not particularly picky when choosing your next smartphone, simply use a Tello mobile coupon. The great thing about this particular coupon is that it boasts free shipping as an added option. 

SIM Card 

As aforementioned, all Tello phones operate on the Sprint network. As a result, there is a possibility that your phone will need a Sprint® Network-ready CDMA SIM to allow for 4G LTE data. Should that be the case, don't panic—you can also find the latest Tello SIM card coupon and save $10 on your purchase. 

Additionally, users of old Ringplus CDMA SIMs who would like to use Tello but also save their current number can do so in two easy steps. First, you'll need to enter the SIM number and click "Checked," after which you'll need to enter the phone number. It's good to know that you can save up to 50% if you use the correct Tello Ringplus coupon without having to upgrade your SIM at the same time.

Pay As You Go 

If you happen to be the type of person who likes to control how much you spend, or you simply need a convenient way to make calls or send SMS messages from abroad, the prepaid card option is an excellent fit for you. At the same time, the Tello pay-as-you-go coupon is another smart way to save an additional $10. 

How to Find Coupon Codes

Finding a specific Tello coupon is very easy. All you need to do is a basic web search, check out verified coupon websites, and see the latest available Tello mobile promo code on designated websites. You can also go to the “offers” section on the official website to find available coupons and limited deals. 

How to Redeem Coupons 

Redeeming your coupon is quick and easy. You just need to paste it into the field marked as "Coupon Code" on the checkout page. Once the coupon is applied, the total amount will be reduced. 

How to Save Without Coupons/Promo Codes 

Seasonal and Holiday Tello Sale

Following the example of other world-renowned companies, Tello offers various periodic and seasonal discounts. If you happen to be looking for a Tello coupon, a particularly convenient time of year to find such discounts would be during the most popular shopping holidays. Here are several sales to keep in mind this year.

Black Friday 

Black Friday is a day for shopaholics and a day of significant discounts. On this day, you can find the best Tello mobile discounts, not to mention that the company also offers discounted smartphones by major brands. As a result, you can save up to $50 on a new Motorola or iPhone, for instance.

Tello Cyber Monday 

It's a good idea to pay special attention to Tello Mobile Cyber Monday. This sale is when you can expect the best Tello deals, which could significantly benefit your budget. It is during Cyber Monday that the company offers the best customization deals and numerous phone discounts. 

Christmas/New Year 

Surprise your loved one by building a Tello package or buying them a phone at affordable prices using a Tello coupon code. This time of year represents the ideal opportunity to spread the holiday spirit and make sure your loved ones start the next year with a smile on their face.

Occasional Monthly Deals 

As you read these lines, keep in mind that there is a perfect Tello coupon with a fantastic offer somewhere out there online. Why not use a monthly discount and save up to 15% on Plan Combination? Additionally, if you're looking to get your hands on an iPhone, use the Tello coupon on iPhones and save on a new or a refurbished phone. The company has previously had these types of monthly discounts, so make sure to stay on top of monthly offers this year as well. You never know when you might get lucky.

Until the End of Year 

One of the best things about Tello is that you have a chance to save your money throughout the whole year. The main reason that makes this sale such a great option to save money is that, whenever you choose to check out the company's services, you become eligible for a Tello new customer coupon, which gets you an additional $10 credit as their new client. 

Return Policy

According to the Tello return policy, if you're not satisfied with the service for any reason, you can ask for a refund. However, you can only ask for a refund within a few days following the purchase. Before proceeding to ask for a refund, it's always best to go through the company's Terms and Conditions on getting your money back.


  • Account balances and plans are non-refundable
  • Accepting the refund for a phone is only possible once you fulfill several conditions following the return of the item in question
  • Pay-as-you-go and plan balances are also non-refundable


Much like many globally renowned companies, Tello provides benefits if you are not satisfied with the service. If you've found a technical malfunction on your new phone, for example, you can return it within 30 days from the date of collection. You can initiate this procedure by contacting Tello customer support.


If you are, however, satisfied with Tello services and want to let others know of your satisfaction, you can do so via social networks and email. Upon receiving an invite from you, the person needs to create their Tello account. Next, when a friend you recommended makes their first order, they will receive $10 Tello dollars, and you'll also receive a similar amount.

Free Shipping

Unfortunately, the official Tello site does not disclose any visible free shipping information, but don't panic. There are more than enough Tello coupons on Slickdeals, for example, that offer a discount of up to $130 on the purchase of a phone bundled with free shipping. 

Save With Tello Like You've Never Saved Before

Although smartphones are a necessity these days, many are not satisfied with their providers and don't like to talk too much via phone. For these individuals, a service like Tello can be more than beneficial. You can combine packages at affordable prices and customize various options according to your personal needs. 

Also, you can find available smartphones by multiple brands if you're looking to upgrade or just have some fun. When you also consider that you can make additional savings by using a Tello coupon, it becomes clear that you’ll get more for less.