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Udacity started as an experiment in online teaching when Stanford professors Peter Norvig and Sebastian Thrun decided to offer their "Intro to Artificial Intelligence" class online to...show more
Udacity started as an experiment in online teaching when Stanford professors Peter Norvig and Sebastian Thrun decided to offer their "Intro to Artificial Intelligence" class online to anyone for free. Over 150,000 people in more than 180 countries joined. Today, Udacity helps you learn the latest and hottest tech skills with or without a Udacity coupon. show less
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With Udacity, you will be able to advance your career through its online courses for industries such as:

  • Data Science — SQL, Data Analyst, Data Engineer, Data Scientist, and Data Streaming.
  • AI (Artificial Intelligence) — AI for Healthcare, AI for Business Leaders, Intel Edge AI for IoT, Machine Learning Engineer, and AI Product Manager.
  • Programming — Front End Web Developer, Back End Web Developer, Full Stack Web Developer, and Android Developer.
  • Autonomous Systems — C++, Robotics Software Engineer, Self Driving Car Engineer, and Sensor Fusion Engineer.
  • Cloud Computing — Cloud DevOps Engineer, AWS Cloud Architect, and Cloud Developer.
  • Business — Product Manager, UX Designer, Digital Marketing, Business Analytics, Marketing Analyst, and Data Visualisation.

All of these programs are created with industry leaders, providing you with the education that future-proofs your career. That’s not all; Udacity is the only platform that lets you learn by working, has job-focused content and job-ready skills, offers real human help and personalized code reviews, as well as real-life projects.

Udacity Coupon 2020

Udacity doesn’t offer discounts directly on its website. However, once you create an account on the platform, you will be able to get an occasional special promotion via email. Luckily for you, we at SaveMyCent found a couple of Udacity discount codes. Here they are:

  • NY2019
  • AFFIL2H2019

Keep in mind that these codes are mostly for a small 8-10% discount.

How to Find a Udacity Coupon Code

Udacity doesn’t display coupons directly on its website, and a basic Google search will likely yield nothing. Even an advanced Google search comes up short. But don’t lose hope yet! When it comes to coupon hunting, nobody works as hard as SaveMyCent. We’re beyond dedicated to finding active promo codes from brands across all industries.

Is There a Udacity Discount for Subscribing to a Newsletter?

If you sign up for the Udacity newsletter, you will regularly receive new offers for every course it has. You don’t even need to do anything since all the deals will arrive directly to your email. This is likely the best way to find all the best Udacity discount codes before anyone else, as the company sends them to its loyal customers frequently.

How to Use Udacity Coupon

It is easy to redeem a Udacity discount. Unlike many websites, Udacity doesn’t have a special “add coupon” box. In other words, as soon as you press the link leading you to a particular course, you’ll be presented with the best deal without having to add the promo code manually. 

In case of Udacity discount codes, after you select a course, just paste the code into a box that will appear before the final checkout prompt, then hit accept, and it will reduce your final price.

How to Save Without a Udacity Discount Code

You can save your money in various ways without even using a Udacity promo code. Here’s how.

Udacity Scholarships

For starters, Udacity offers a scholarship program to many as the platform wants to make learning available to students all around the world. There are three different available scholarships. 

The first is the Machine Learning Scholarship Program for Microsoft Azure. There are 300 scholarships available in this program. You can apply here. Udacity will review your application, and if it gets approved, you will be selected to participate in the Introduction to Machine Learning on Azure with a low-code experience. You will then spend five weeks performing different tasks on Azure Machine Learning labs — transformation, data import, management to validating, training, and evaluating models.

The second is the AWS Machine Learning Scholarship Program that will let you get an Engineer Nanodegree program. You will learn to apply machine learning algorithms, deployment, and techniques to the AWS production environment. Moreover, you will spend 2.5 months in the AWS Machine Learning Foundations Course, studying programming best practices, python coding, as well as AWS AI Devices and AWS AI Services, including Amazon SageMaker.

If you pass the AWS Machine Learning Foundations Course, you will also be eligible for selection for one of 325 follow-up scholarships to one of Udacity’s most popular Nanodegree programs — AWS Machine Learning Engineer.

Last but not least, Udacity made a pledge to all America’s workers who lost a job because of the COVID-19 crisis. As such, the platform is awarding free tech training to the US workers in the form of 5,000 challenge scholarships and 1,000 Nanodegree scholarships. You don’t need any prior tech experience whatsoever to participate in this program. However, you will need to be over 18 years old, be a US citizen or permanent resident with a valid work permit, and be laid off because of the COVID-19 crisis.

Udacity Bundle Subscription

Udacity offers a subscription bundle in which you get fixed, several-month subscription access to its Nanodegree program, Executive program, or single paid course at a lower price. Keep in mind that you will need to pay a single fee upfront. How many months you get will differ and depend on the particular single paid course, Executive program, or Nanodegree program, as well as the time of your purchase.

Remember that as your bundle period draws to a close, Udacity will revert it to a monthly automatic subscription payment method that doesn’t offer a discount. If you do go with this type of Udacity payment plan, you will get a nice 15% discount off the regular monthly payment plan as well as one month completely free. Basically, you will receive four months of Udacity education for the price of three and 15% off the ordinary monthly payment plan.

Udacity Free Trial

There is also a Udacity free trial if you’re looking to save money without a Udacity coupon code. In essence, some of its Nanodegree programs give you a nice chance to try out the Udacity learning experience before you commit and pay for the program. You will be able to access its quizzes, learning content, videos, as well as obtain a great insight into whether a specific program is right for you. 

If you want to try out the Udacity free trial for the monthly subscription plan, you will get a single month for free (saving $399) and pay exactly $0.00 during checkout. After that free month ends, Udacity will charge you $399 on the same calendar date on which you started your course next month and every subsequent month. 

However, you are restricted from downloading transcript and video content from its Nanodegree program during the Udacity free trial period. Also, Udacity free trial offer is only available to the US and European residents and is limited to one Nanodegree program per student.

Udacity Military Discount

Udacity welcomes veterans of all ages and helps them build on their military experience so they can advance their careers. More specifically, the platform has specially designed courses that build on the skills veterans learned while serving. 

Udacity’s own military veterans understand the difficulties associated with career transition as well as that those who served want to put that same dedication, drive, and passion into the next phase of their lives. 

Udacity partners with Accenture in equipping military veterans with the skills required for an entry-level Software Engineering Associate with Accenture. If you’re selected, it will ask you to enroll free of charge into Intro to Java course. 

Moreover, Udacity and Accenture offer a premium variation of the course exclusively for military veterans who enroll in this Veteran Technology Program, which includes a Verified Certificate of completion as well as coaching support.


Last but not least, Udacity offers a referral program. If you want to refer a friend to Udacity, you will need to share a unique invite link or other identification protocol Udacity will provide you with through your account with the referred use via email, Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, or Twitter.

After you refer a friend to Udacity, the platform will process your credit when that person enrolls in, buys, and starts a Nanodegree program. Udacity referral benefits, as the platform calls them, come in the form of credits, benefits, or specific rewards you get for referring a friend. These referral benefits will only apply to you and cannot substitute other referral benefits you accrue from other referral program opportunities.

You and the referred person will also need to meet Udacity’s eligibility requirements:

  1. You will need to have a valid user account.
  2. Both of you will need to be of legal age (18 years or older).
  3. Both of you will need to be a resident of a country that is eligible for the referral program.

In addition, the referred person will need to remain enrolled past the seven-day cancellation period.

If you want to see whether you’ve reached your referral limit, you’ll need to go to the referral landing page and examine the dashboard that displays the details about all your referrals. You can find this dashboard by logging into your Udacity Classroom and clicking on the Settings icon. Next, press the Account Credit and then Referrals to access your referrals dashboard.

Udacity Refund Policy and Terms & Conditions

You can unenroll and cancel your single paid course, Nanodegree program, or Executive Program within the first two days from your first month’s subscription purchase date if you want to be eligible for a full refund. However, this applies only if you haven’t graduated from the single paid course, Nanodegree program, or Executive program within this period. 

You can receive only one refund on your account per Executive Program, Nanodegree program, or single paid course. If you cancel your subscription and then re-enroll for the same course or program, you won’t be entitled to an additional two-day refund period.

However, you can cancel your subscription at any given time after this two-day refund period and still don’t get charged after the billing period that you’ve canceled ends. You will remain actively enrolled in the course or program until that billing timeframe ends. 

Moreover, you can cancel your monthly auto-renew payment plan anytime before your next billing date arrives.

After the two-day refund period ends, you can ask for further refunds, including a partial refund for terminating fixed, multi-month, or any monthly automatic payment plan. You can learn more about Udacity Terms and Conditions here


Udacity is the quickest, most-efficient teaching platform in the globe for learning the skills tech companies want. It is 100% online, self-paced, and part-time. Even without a Udacity coupon, you won’t waste your valuable money or time if you join it. Udacity’s industry-leading programs are built for and recognized by top businesses worldwide, including Google, AWS, IBM, AT&T, and Lyft.

Through Udacity, you will receive real employable skills. This is because its quality curriculum is designed with top-tier industry partners, not academics, so you learn the high-impact skills that top companies want. Even more, Udacity offers project-based, active learning through real-world projects and other hands-on exercises that lead to real skills mastery.

You can learn on your schedule, wherever and whenever you desire. Graduate while studying part-time for 5-10 hours weekly. In addition, get the help you need, when you need it — its mentors are available 24/7 and will answer your coding questions fast so you can keep learning. Become one of 100,000+ Udacity graduates and learn from content created by over 200 industry experts. 

Udacity is where people come to learn the skills they need, to get the jobs they want, to build the lives they deserve.