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20 Irreplaceable Things Money Can’t Buy for a Happy Life

by Milos Djordjevic

In today’s world, everyone seems to be after money and power. We tend to believe that we’ll be happy once we’re rich. And although buying new stuff, going on trips and fancy dinners, or having mansions and fast cars can bring us temporary joy, once that first wave of emotions wears out, we’re left empty and lonely. That’s because we don’t feel fulfilled. Some things money can’t buy, and those things ultimately bring us true happiness and peace.

But what are those things, and why are they important in our lives? Keep reading and remind yourself of them.

Priceless Things to Have in Your Life

People tend to take what they already have for granted, and strive toward materialistic goals instead of spiritual fulfillment. Although it’s good to be ambitious and have a purpose in life, there are some aspects of our lives that no amount of wealth can fill. We bring you this list of things money can’t buy so that you can focus more on them and find true happiness and joy in your life.


You can buy medicine, but you cannot buy health, one of the most important things that aren’t for sale. You can never trade your money for health, even if you’re a billionaire. There are numerous instances in which individuals put their health on the line to become rich, only to regret it.

When we talk about things money can’t buy, quotes by the Dalai Lama are often mentioned. When asked about what surprises him most about humanity, he replied, “Man! Because he sacrifices his health in order to make money. Then he sacrifices money to recuperate his health.”

Things Money Can't Buy - Dalai Lama

True Friends

It doesn’t matter how many pals you have if you have money. The number of people you hang out with isn’t an indication of how many genuine friends you have. You can pay for things in the hopes of making new friends, but don’t be surprised when most of them go away when you need them the most. There are some things money can’t buy.

Find people you want to be friends with and learn to appreciate those who have supported you through thick and thin, because they are your actual friends.


Love is an honest, heartfelt experience that develops between two people who know each other. It’s unconditional and keeps a couple together for better and for worse.

People fall in love for many reasons, and money can certainly help you attract someone’s attention, but not their love. If a person is with you only when you buy them things and take them to expensive places, you can be sure it’s not real, and they won’t be there through tough times.


They say respect is reciprocal, meaning you can be respected if you are respectful. No amount of wealth you possess will change that, because your actions buy you respect, not your money. People might say nice things in front of you and assist you in getting things done not out of respect, but because you have the money to pay them.


No matter how much we have or achieve in life, it means nothing if we don’t love and respect ourselves. These are the things money can’t buy. Nothing outside will make us feel complete if we’re not happy with who we are. We will always be searching for something to make us happy and content.

Cherish your own company, learn to be content with what you have, and don’t seek validation from others. Find your happiness, and you won’t need anything or anyone to make you feel complete.

Inner Peace

You can buy distractions and adrenaline rushes, but not tranquility and inner peace. That comes from within. You cannot achieve it by surrounding yourself with materialistic things or trying to fill the void inside of you with money.

Some people think having many possessions will make them feel better, but it’s quite the opposite. The more we have, the more we worry about losing. So, it’s better to focus on things that aren’t for sale.

It’s essential to find contentment in simple things and appreciate the moment. If your mind is constantly racing and you can’t find peace, it’s a sign that you must detach yourself from material things and find a way to relax and be at ease.

Sense of Accomplishment or Satisfaction

You can achieve a sense of accomplishment or satisfaction by transforming your hobby into a job and doing things you love or are passionate about. It doesn’t matter if you don’t get paid for it, or if it’s not something society deems important.

What matters is that you’re doing something that makes you feel good about yourself. Self-validation and a sense of fulfillment are things that money can’t buy. When you have a sense of accomplishment, you’ll be content and happy, regardless of your financial situation.


People often say that wisdom is “the mother of knowledge,” and what is the best way to gain knowledge? Of course, it’s through experience.

If you can’t buy experience, you can’t acquire knowledge. And if you can’t get both, wisdom is out of your price range. You must study, meet new people, and live life to obtain it.

Purpose in Life

Your purpose in life cannot be bought, because it’s something you find within yourself. It’s your passion, your drive, what gets you out of bed every day.

It’s the reason you exist and the meaning behind everything you do. And once you find it, nothing can stop you.

Positive Attitude Towards Life

This is something you develop over time. A positive attitude results from your outlook on the world and how you choose to see things.

Some people are naturally optimistic, while others have to work hard to adopt this mindset. But either way, it’s something that requires effort and is among the most valuable things in life.


Manners are something you learn from an early age. They are a reflection of your upbringing and the way you were taught to treat others.

You can buy etiquette books and take classes on how to be polite, but it’s up to you to decide how you want to act.


Mindfulness is the state of being present in the moment and being aware of your surroundings. It’s about living in the here and now and not letting your mind wander off into thoughts of the past or future.

Some people are born with this quality, but it can also be learned through practice. And once you’ve mastered it, it’s something you can never lose.

Close-Knit Family

A close-knit family is something you’re born into or develop over time. It’s not something you can buy, no matter how much money you have.

It results from years of love, laughter, and happiness shared between family members. And it’s priceless. If you focus too much on work and earnings, you can miss the bonding moments which are the priceless things that make a family close.


When you can empathize with another person, you can create a high-quality relationship. Whether with your partner, family, or friends, it’s vital to understand and share another person’s feelings to maintain good communication and closeness.

You can learn how to be empathic, but you definitely can’t buy this trait.


Intimacy is a close, emotional connection between two people. It’s more than physical; it’s also psychological and involves trust, communication, and vulnerability. These are all the things money can’t buy in a relationship.

Intimacy takes time to develop and can’t be bought with money. You have to be willing to open up to another person to create a true sense of intimacy.

Long Life

Despite all of the scientific and medical breakthroughs, there is still no way to extend your lifespan substantially. The rich have spent a great deal of money on useless efforts to prolong their lives, only to die at around the same age like everyone else. So, even if you have billions of dollars in the bank, you’ll only enjoy a limited number of years on this earth.


Your character is what makes you a respected person. It combines your values, thoughts, words, actions, behavior, and attitude—all the things money can’t buy. It defines how people perceive you, and it’s something that you can’t simply buy.

You could have all the money in the world, but if you don’t have good character, people will see you as greedy, superficial, and heartless. On the other hand, someone with poor financial resources but a great personality is likely to be respected and loved by many.

Sense of Humor

Some people have a gift of being able to make others laugh. Many standup comedians got rich as a result of their sense of humor. But while you can certainly use money to buy tickets to a comedy show, the ability to make people laugh is what money can’t buy.

A sense of humor is a result of your upbringing, experiences, and personality. And it’s something that money can’t change.


Confidence is a state of mind, not whether you believe you are rich or wealthy. It’s feeling good about yourself and your abilities. It’s having faith in your judgment and being able to stand up for yourself.

Some people are born with confidence, while others must work hard to develop it. But either way, it’s not something that can be bought. The most you can do with money is to buy things that will boost your confidence, such as new clothes or a fancy car. But at the end of the day, it’s up to you to decide how you want to feel about yourself.


It’s impossible to get back time once it’s been lost. Time is free for everyone, yet no one can possess it. It’s something money can’t buy. Every passing second is a moment that will never be recaptured. You can make more money, but you cannot acquire more time.

Time cannot be reversed and no amount of money will help. We must take advantage of life and be grateful for every second and special memory we have.

Final Thoughts

Money can’t buy you happiness. This is a famous phrase that rings true for many people. While money can provide some comforts in life, it cannot bring about long-term satisfaction or fulfillment. 

Money can lead to greed, hatred, and other negative emotions if you’re not careful. So, keep things in perspective and focus on the things that truly matter in life. These are the things money can’t buy.