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Walmart Plus vs. Amazon Prime: Which Membership Program Should You Sign Up For?

by Milos Djordjevic

Today, we’re settling the Walmart Plus vs. Amazon Prime debate once and for all!

Amazon Prime has been a leading membership plan for years, offering its members amazing discounts and special perks. Ever since Walmart came out with a similar program, customers all over the country have been wondering which plan to sign up for. This article will help you choose the perfect program for you.

Walmart Plus vs. Amazon Prime: Everything You Need to Know

Walmart Plus

Walmart Plus was first introduced to customers in September 2020. It’s a pretty new program, which is why most industry experts expect its benefits and prices to evolve over time. In September 2021, Deutsche Bank estimated that the program had around 32 million members.

At the moment, the cost of Walmart Plus is $12.95 a month. If you opt for an annual membership, you’ll save by paying $98 a year. Moreover, you can enjoy a free 30-day  trial before you decide whether Walmart Plus is the right option for you.

Walmart Perks

Joining the Walmart Plus membership program comes with a variety of benefits. As we mentioned, it’s a pretty new service, so its offer is expected to expand in the future. 

Right now, members of the Walmart Plus program enjoy amazing benefits for both online and in-store shopping and free delivery for orders over $35. What’s more, when a member’s order doesn’t reach the $35 threshold, delivery is offered at a lower price of $5.99. Great discounts on fuel at over 14,000 gas stations around the country are also among the best Walmart Plus perks.

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In addition, Walmart Plus members get early access to great deals, including some PS5 restock events. These options will, however, be available only to paying members. Therefore, you won’t be able to access these events if you’re on a free trial.

Furthermore, Walmart Plus recently came up with the Rx for Less promotion, included in the Walmart subscription service. The Rx for Less program provides discounts on the most common medications prescribed in the country. You’ll be able to purchase heavily discounted antibiotics, diabetes meds, allergy pills, meds for heart health, and mental health medication. Most of the medicine is up to 85% off, and some meds are even available for free!

Lastly, the Walmart Plus price is further justified by the introduction of the Scan & Go feature. You can combine it with Walmart Pay to speed up your in-store shopping. This feature lets you scan an item’s QR code with the app before you proceed to checkout in the store. It’s as simple as that!

Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime is a well-known membership program founded in 2005. According to the latest available estimates, there are over 200 million paying members of the program. It’s the largest membership program of this kind, and experts expect an even larger increase in members in the coming years.

The Amazon prime cost is $14.99 per month. Customers can also opt for a yearly membership, which costs $139 a year. The membership program comes with a month-long free trial, giving you a good timeframe to verify the quality of services.

Amazon Prime Perks

Amazon Prime members enjoy a variety of fantastic benefits, which can be shared with one other adult for free. All members have various shipping options, including free same-day, one-day, or two-hour delivery for groceries. In addition, you can opt for free no-rush shipping. This option will earn you rewards to use on your future purchases. In this detailed guide you will find all information about delivery times and much more.

Unlike many of its competitors’ perks, Amazon prime benefits include a Prime Student membership option. The membership price was increased to $69 in early 2022, but there are many discount opportunities. Aside from having access to the program for half the price, students also enjoy special discounts on textbooks and exclusive offers for Amazon Music Unlimited. What’s more, the free trial for students lasts for six months! To register for an account with Amazon Prime, students need to have a valid .edu email address.

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The Amazon Prime subscription also gives you access to Amazon’s many other outlets. For instance, you’ll receive discounts and free offers for Amazon Channels, Prime Music, Prime Video, Prime Gaming, Prime Reading, and Amazon Music Unlimited. You can also receive some content for free. Prime Shipping, Video, and Music can be shared through the Amazon Household program, which can include up to 10 members.

The reason why many people opt for Amazon Prime in the Amazon Prime vs. Walmart Plus battle is all the additional programs they gain perks for. Programs such as Prime Wardrobe, Amazon Elements, and Amazon Pharmacy will also be discounted or come with exceptional benefits. Moreover, Amazon Prime members can get unlimited access to thousands of titles and keep one premium title a month on Audible Premium Plus.

Amazon Prime vs. Walmart Plus: The Bottom Line

As you can see, both Amazon Prime and Walmart Plus offer excellent benefits and are a really smart investment. The choice of which one to sign up for depends on your needs.


Is Walmart Plus better than Amazon Prime?

The answer depends on what you need from the membership. As a much older program, Amazon Prime offers far more perks thanks to its many partners offering discounts for you.

Amazon Prime’s benefits include access to music, videos, games, and books. Walmart Plus vs. Amazon Prime wouldn’t be a debate if Walmart hadn’t stepped up its game in the last year. The company has been updating its benefits for months, and now Walmart Plus has many of the perks it was lacking only a year ago. It’s also a better option for those on a budget.

Is Walmart cheaper than Amazon?

Yes, it is, and the price difference is not insignificant. Amazon recently raised the cost of its program to $14.99 a month and $139 a year. Walmart Plus is a much cheaper option. You can become a member for $12.95 or $98 a year.

Who delivers faster: Walmart+ or Amazon?

In general, customers were able to receive products from Amazon much faster than when ordering with Walmart Plus. That’s because Amazon Prime is an older service and has a good delivery system in place. In addition, as we’ve shown in our Walmart Plus vs. Amazon Prime article, Amazon has much more options when it comes to shipping and offers more flexibility.