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What Is Walmart Plus? +6 FAQs About Walmart’s Delivery Service Answered

by Milos Djordjevic

What is Walmart Plus? It’s only Amazon Prime’s new and cheaper competitor that was released on September 15, 2020. 

In this article, we’ll dive deep into what Walmart Plus is. Additionally, we’ll be answering the six most frequently asked questions on the topic.

What Is a Walmart Plus Membership?

Walmart Plus is Walmart’s version of Amazon Prime. It’s a subscription service that offers free unlimited shipping on items from your store and Walmart.com—groceries included. It’s a direct upgrade to Delivery Unlimited that costs $98 a year. 

The additional benefits you get with a Walmart Plus membership include free delivery on a wider range of products, access to the Scan & Go function on Walmart’s app, discounts on thousands of prescriptions, and gas discounts at affiliated gas stations. 

The service was launched on September 15, 2020, and it’s available across the United States.

1. How Much Is Walmart Plus?

The membership costs $98 a year or $12.95 a month. This all boils down to around $2 a week. Amazon Prime, Walmart Plus’s direct competitor, is more expensive, coming at $119 yearly or $12.99 a month.

Recently, Walmart Plus added another 15 days to its free trial, which initially stood at 15 days, bringing it on par with Amazon Prime. 

2. Is Walmart Plus Worth It?

Walmart Plus is worth it only if you plan on placing at least two orders a month. The standard shipping fee is $7.95, while the monthly payment for Walmart Plus is $12.95. Overall, you’d save $2.95 on deliveries if you order twice a month. Also, there’s no minimum spending required to get free shipping if you order from Walmart.com.

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On top of this, other Walmart Plus benefits you’ll get are gas discounts at affiliated gas stations and access to the Scan & Go function on the mobile app.

Looking at how convenient it is to get groceries delivered right at your doorstep at your chosen date and time, how much gas you’ll save, and how many more advantages this program offers, we can definitely say that Walmart Plus is worth the money.

What Is Walmart Plus - Membership Benefits

3. Is Walmart Plus Available in My Area?

Although Walmart Plus is available across the United States, you will still need to check during sign-up if your area and state are covered already. 

Some densely populated areas will have more coverage and benefit from same-day shipping. The areas Walmart Plus does not cover are scarce, so don’t fret—you’ll most likely be able to take advantage of its benefits.

4. What Do You Get with Walmart Plus?

Free shipping, no order minimum

Walmart announced that when you order items that are labeled “shipped by Walmart,” you get free shipping with no minimum spending requirement. The good news: you get to order as often as you’d like. The bad news: you’ll need to pay $10 for express delivery. 

Free delivery from your local store

When you order from your local store, you get Walmart free shipping for orders above $35. If your order doesn’t reach this minimum spending requirement, don’t worry. You’ll only pay $5.99 for delivery instead of the $7.95 minimum for non-members. If you order at least twice per week, you’ll save up to $900

No mark-up on delivery orders

This is another feature that’s often overlooked. Since there is no mark-up on delivery orders, prices will be the same as if you were buying in-store. 

Discount on prescriptions

With Walmart Plus, you’ll also get select prescriptions for free and save up to 85% at any Walmart pharmacy. However, you can’t share this benefit with family members, it’s not available in all states, and it’s only available once you’re past the 30-day free trial and have started paying the Walmart membership fee. As soon as you’re eligible for it, you’ll automatically receive a digital pharmacy saving card. Then, whenever you need to fill a prescription, you can present it to your Walmart pharmacist. 

Member discounts on fuel 

Another benefit to consider is that you’ll be able to save five cents per gallon on fuel at participating Walmart and Murphy gas stations. You’ll also have access to member prices at Sam’s Club fuel centers. Over 2,000 fuel stations throughout the United States take part in this program, so you’ll seldom go without being able to take advantage of this feature. 

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Scan & Go feature

Lastly, a Walmart Plus subscription will include the Scan & Go feature on the mobile app. It will allow you to save time by checking out items with your phone when you shop in-store. It’s as easy as signing in to your Walmart plus account in the app, selecting “Scan & Go,” scanning each item as you place it in your shopping cart, and scanning the QR code at the counter to pay. 

5. How to Get Free Walmart Delivery

Before the introduction of Walmart Plus, the only way to save on delivery fees was to subscribe to the Delivery Unlimited program, which didn’t include any additional benefits. 

Right now, you can get free delivery if you subscribe to Walmart Plus. You can sign up via the website or the app. It should be easy, but if you live in an area that’s not yet covered by the program, Walmart will notify you directly.

After signing up, you need to decide how to pay the membership fee. You can pay either a monthly amount of $12.95 or a yearly plan of $98.

6. Is Walmart Plus Better Than Amazon Prime?

This is a tricky question to answer. On the one hand, Amazon Prime has more coverage, is better known, and offers excellent services, such as free access to Kindle e-books and Amazon Prime Video, used by over 175 million people.

On the other hand, Walmart Plus is completely geared towards groceries and primary goods and services, such as gas and medications. It is certainly less popular than Amazon Prime right now and doesn’t offer anything flashy like its competitor. The cost of a Walmart Plus membership is also lower than that of Amazon Prime, and the company is looking to amplify its service to include additional features.

At the end of the day, the better option is relative to your needs. If you’re looking for a reliable and cheap grocery delivery service, we recommend Walmart Plus. On the other hand, if you’re aiming for a more well-rounded, less specific program with exceptional benefits, Amazon Prime is for you.

Walmart Plus Membership: Conclusion

Walmart Plus is an excellent delivery service that will surely take off. Overall, we highly suggest taking advantage of the Walmart Plus free trial to see if paying the monthly fee is worth it. There’s nothing to lose and much to gain—go ahead and see it yourself.