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Where to Buy Lottery Tickets +8 FAQs Answered

by Milos Djordjevic

Do you dream of winning the lottery and already know what you would spend the money on? Then the only thing left to do is find out where to buy lottery tickets!

In this article, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about getting these tickets online and in stores. Read on to find out more and get ready to become rich beyond your wildest dreams!

Where Can I Buy Lottery Tickets?

1. How to Buy Lottery Tickets

If lottery tickets are legal in your state, you’ll be able to purchase them from a local lottery retailer, such as a grocery store (especially big chains), a convenience store, or a gas station.

You must be of legal age, 18 or older, and have an ID to prove your identity when buying the ticket.

Many states have a couple of lottery games, so you have to ask for your desired ticket. Then, pick the numbers you want to bet on and mark them in a grid on the official lottery play slip. After that, give the slip back to the cashier and pay the ticket price.

2. How Much Does a Lottery Ticket Cost?

Ticket prices vary depending on the game and the state, but they’re usually either $1 or $2.

For example, Powerball and Mega Millions tickets cost $2, and Megabucks or Cash5 cost $1.

3. Can You Buy Lottery Tickets Online?

Yes, but not in every state. Only several states have official, legal online lottery platforms:

  • Georgia
  • Illinois
  • Kentucky
  • Michigan
  • New Hampshire
  • North Carolina
  • North Dakota
  • Pennsylvania
  • Virginia

This makes purchasing easier, as you don’t have to search for the closest place to buy lottery tickets.

4. Where to Buy Lottery Tickets Online

You can buy tickets for the Powerball, Mega Millions, and other games on the websites of the official state lotteries.

Another option is to use the Jackpocket app. Jackpocket is an online courier for lottery tickets that works as a middleman. It offers purchases for in-state drawing games and national lotteries like Powerball and MegaMillions.

The Jackpocket app is only available in the following twelve states:

  • Arkansas
  • Colorado
  • Minnesota
  • Montana
  • New Hampshire
  • New Jersey
  • New Mexico
  • New York
  • Ohio
  • Oregon
  • Texas
  • Washington, DC

Every one of these states has passed legislation to legalize and regulate the practice, so you can be sure that all the purchases are safe and payouts will be made.

5. How to Buy Lottery Tickets Online in the US

Lottery industry statistics show that the industry was worth $2.3 billion in 2021. To support their growth in popularity, lotteries are always looking for ways to make ticket purchasing easier. One of these ways is offering tickets online.

To buy tickets for the Powerball or Mega Millions, you must visit those games’ official websites. You can also purchase tickets and play games on websites like Michigan Lottery, Pennsylvania Lottery, and Virginia Lottery.

The process is the same as when you’re buying at lottery locations: you choose your numbers and submit your purchase.

The only difference is that you must create an account with your personal information first and provide your payment details. And, of course, you have to be located in a state where online lottery sales are allowed.

After choosing the numbers, you can proceed to the cart, where you confirm and pay for your entry.

6. Where to Buy Scratch-Offs

If you want to know where to buy scratch-offs, you can find them at any gas station, grocery store, or convenience store.

However, the state lottery office is usually the best place to buy scratch-off lottery tickets. They have a comprehensive selection of games with different odds and prizes. Plus, they can give you more information on the games. Another option is to buy them online on the official lottery website of your state.

7. Where to Buy Mega Millions Lottery Tickets

You can buy Mega Millions tickets from lottery retailers in 47 jurisdictions: 45 states, the District of Columbia, and the US Virgin Islands. The states that are not in Mega Millions are Nevada, Utah, Alabama, Alaska, and Hawaii.

You can buy Mega Millions tickets online by registering with the lotteries in Georgia, Illinois, Kentucky, Michigan, New Hampshire, North Carolina, North Dakota, Pennsylvania, Virginia, or the District of Columbia. In New York, you can purchase online subscriptions for this lottery.

In most cases, you must be a resident of these states to buy online tickets. You must also always be physically within a state’s border at the time of your purchase from its lottery.

8. Where to Buy Powerball Lottery Tickets

You can buy Powerball tickets in 45 US states, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, and the US Virgin Islands. The only states that aren’t Powerball locations are Alabama, Alaska, Hawaii, Nevada, and Utah.

Powerball tickets can also be bought online directly from the state lottery in 11 states. These are Georgia, Illinois, Kentucky, Maine, Maryland, Michigan, New Hampshire, North Carolina, North Dakota, Pennsylvania, and Virginia.

If you don’t live in any of these states, you can buy an online Powerball ticket through the Jackpocket app. You can find the states where the app is available in section four above.

Parting Words

Now that you know where to buy lottery tickets, it’s time to start playing. Remember to be responsible and always play within your means.

And if you do win the lottery, don’t forget to contact a lawyer before claiming your prize!