About Us

How We Started

Here at SaveMyCent, we understand how tough it is to find good coupon codes online.

With so many people looking for deals and ways to save money, the world of online coupons is booming. While this is definitely a good thing, it also affords plenty of opportunities for businesses that care less about offering people a good deal and more about lining their own pockets.

As a result, finding reputable sources has become a maze of confusion for both people new to the market and those experienced with it.

That’s why we created SaveMyCent. From the very beginning, our primary objective has always been – and always will be – to provide people with access to high-quality coupon codes. 

We do this by helping our visitors avoid the “bad apples” in the industry and by pointing our readers to reputable sources.

Where Are We Today

At present, SaveMyCent is a premier online coupon code resource, which provides consumers with high-quality coupons. We pride ourselves on saving customers money daily by providing quality promo codes and services.

Our highly skilled team of deal editors has both deep experience and category knowledge. They use their expertise to sort through thousands of deals, researching the prices and price history of products from a variety of merchants and selecting only the best deals to feature on our website.

Thanks to their efforts, our customers are spared the annoyance of having to go through deals manually. They don’t have to hunt for them across the expanse of the internet or even test the quality of the coupons. We do all the work for you.

Here at SaveMyCent, we offer an extensive collection of promo codes, and we incorporate the full spectrum of the market into our research, from big-name brands to smaller businesses.

Real Bargains

As we mentioned earlier, one of our original reasons for launching SaveMyCent was to save consumers from fake or expired deals.

This means that you can rest assured that all of our listings are verified, so you can browse in confidence knowing that all the coupons on our website are of the highest caliber.

Meet the Founder

Maja Talevska

I’m a travel addict, and I decided to set sail from the safe harbors of my hometown as soon as I could. That said, I never travel on my own, as I’m always in the company of my furry friend Leo (my tiny dog), and we make unforgettable memories together. 

For me, life is all about meeting new people, discovering new perspectives, and melding all of those with my own hopes, dreams, and aspirations.

I’ve worked for many advertising agencies, but I found my real passion when I started SaveMyCent. I’m a fan of coupons who’s constantly obsessed with getting the best deal possible. So, when I got fed up with looking for an all-encompassing coupon website that I liked, I decided to make my own. Since then, I’ve never looked back.

I believe in transparency and authenticity, something that helps me to guide this website and lead my team in a way that produces a solid infrastructure that you, our valued user, can benefit from.

Meet the Co-Founder

Milos Djordjevic

Interested in sports and traveling and always seeking knowledge in different industries. Economics is my passion and digital marketing is my tool. As a former athlete, I’m always setting new goals and trying to make the World Wide Web a better place.

I have been gaining experience for many years in different economic subjects and decided to put my economics degree to good use. 

Guided by our wish to stop you from breaking your bank but still getting the products you want and deserve, we created SaveMyCent – a simple coupon website with the best deals on the US market. Follow the magic!