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25+ Insightful Customer Loyalty Statistics for 2021

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The core of customer loyalty is building a trusting relationship with consumers. While customers like to know what they’re getting, companies depend on consumers’ loyalty for the larger part of their revenue. A loyal customer looks for familiarity, reliability, and consistency from brands. They will thus buy a product even if it’s not currently widely […]

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25+ Impressive Branding Statistics for 2021

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What’s in a name? For companies that want to succeed, the answer is — everything. But branding is much more than just the name. A brand is the emotion and story behind a business that the company relays to its customers through everything it does. The concept has become very prevalent in the last few […]

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20 Fascinating Black Friday Stats You Need to Know in 2021

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For the first time, images of huge, lined-up crowds armed with excitement and promo leaflets didn’t travel the world on Black Friday 2020. Instead, the shopping holiday was preceded by uncertainty in the retail industry as the global pandemic didn’t allow for mass gatherings. As you’ll learn from these Black Friday stats, this shopping holiday […]

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35 Online Reviews Statistics to Underscore the Power of Social Proof [2021 Edition]

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Social proof is the unspoken force that fuels our deep-seated biases toward word-of-mouth recommendations. Otherwise known as informational social influence, this psychological phenomenon teaches us how to behave correctly in a given situation based on others’ observable actions and opinions. In this day and age, there’s no richer source of social proof than online reviews. […]

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31 Impressive Online Consumer Shopping Habits and Behavior Statistics [For 2021]

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Online consumer shopping habits and behavior statistics can tell us stories.  From what consumers buy to their approach when choosing between in-store and online purchases, these statistics show more prominent trends that are hard to ignore when you’re active in the ecommerce industry. With the 2020 pandemic, ecommerce and online shopping have only become more […]

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22 Free Shipping Statistics to Help Skyrocket Your Business in 2021

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With ecommerce growing steadily and retail stores gradually dying out, the competition in the online shopping business is intensifying. Free shipping is slowly but surely becoming one of the most powerful weapons in ecommerce companies’ decisive battle for consumers. The free shipping statistics you’ll see in this article demonstrate this feature’s tremendous impact on customers’ […]