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Bandicam is a top-rated developer of screen capturing, video recording, and video editing software. Thanks to the multimedia company’s feature-rich, reliable, and intuitive tools, you can record whatever you’re doing on a computer or another device and edit your output with little stress.

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Bandicam Coupon 2022

The company doesn’t issue promotion codes. What’s more, there’s no sign that it might do so in the future.

While it’s unfortunate that you can’t use a Bandicut or Bandicam discount coupon when you make a software purchase, it doesn’t mean that there’s no way you can buy any of the developer’s applications for less.

You can find at least one Bandicut or Bandicam deal that’ll suit your budget. But more on this later.

How to Find Bandicam Discount Codes

You can’t find something that doesn't exist. But you can count on SaveMyCent to display Bandicut and Bandicam coupon codes on this page if they’re ever released.

We spot and advertise all active coupons from different brands our valued visitors seek out. We advise you to bookmark this page to see Bandicut and Bandicam promo codes once they become available in the future.

How to Redeem a Bandicam Discount Code

Let’s say a Bandicam screen recorder coupon code or a Bandicut video cutter coupon code is suddenly up for grabs. How would you use one? It’s not complicated.

We can imagine that the company’s Bandicam or Bandicut video cutter coupon redemption process would involve no more than six clicks from the homepage.

The Bandicut or Bandicam discount code box should appear on the Checkout page. This field should come with an “Apply” button to validate the Bandicut or Bandicam coupon code that you’d use.

An adjusted product price is tantamount to successful Bandicut or Bandicam coupon redemption. Otherwise, an error message should appear stating that the promo code is invalid, expired, or non-existent.

How to Save Without a Bandicam Coupon

You don’t need Bandicut and Bandicam coupons to obtain the license of the company’s popular screen record and video cutter apps at a discount.

Spoiler alert—there might be no Bandicam Black Friday event this year. The company hasn’t launched something like it recently.

Whether or not there is a highly publicized Bandicam sale on the horizon, you can enjoy some savings on your purchases with the company’s current special offers.

Bandicam Deals

Free Unregistered Versions

  • Bandicam
    • Screen recording (AVI and MP4)
    • Game recording (AVI and MP4)
    • Webcam/HDMI recording (AVI and MP4)
    • Image capture (BMP, PNG, and JPG)
    • Game FPS overlay and control
    • 10-minute recording time limit per file
    • With watermarks
  • Bandicut
    • Video cutting
    • Video merging/joining
    • Extraction of MP3 files
    • High-speed mode
    • Encoding mode
    • Slow video cutting/merging speed
    • Supported formats for high-speed mode
      • AVI, MP4, and MOV only
    • With watermarks
  • Bandicam Capture Library (Bandicam SDK)
    • With samples, documents, and a library
    • For internal testing only (not for commercial use)
    • With watermarks


  • Bandicam
    • 2-PC license
      • $59 only (down from $78)
      • 25% off
      • Savings of $19
    • 5-PC license
      • $137 only (down from $195)
      • 30% off
      • Savings of $58
    • 10-PC license
      • $254 only (down from $390)
      • 35% off
      • Savings of $136
    • 20-PC license
      • $468 only (down from $780)
      • 40% off
      • Savings of $312
  • Bandicut
    • 2-PC license
      • $44 only (down from $58)
      • 25% off
      • Savings of $14
    • 5-PC license
      • $102 only (down from $145)
      • 30% off
      • Savings of $43
    • 10-PC license
      • $189 only (down from $290)
      • 35%
      • Savings of $101
    • 20-PC license
      • $348 only (down from $580)
      • 40%
      • Savings of $232


  • Bandicam and Bandicut
    • 1-PC license
      • $60 only (down from $68)
      • 12%
      • Savings of $8
    • 2-PC license
      • $97 only (down from $136)
      • 29%
      • Savings of $39

Bandicam Referrals

The company welcomes resellers but doesn’t extend an additional Bandicut and Bandicam discount. The multimedia brand doesn’t have its own referral program either.

However, the company is a member of the ShareASale Affiliate Network. If you want to resell Bandicam’s screen recorder program, join ShareASale to get started and earn a 20% commission.

Bandicam Warranty and Refund Policies

There’s only one way to get a successful Bandicut or Bandicam refund - to not register the serial number after your purchase. As long as the serial number is never used, you may get your payment reimbursed if you make a refund request within 14 days.

In general, the company doesn’t grant refunds. That’s why you ought to use the free version of Bandicam or Bandicut first to test out the software prior to making the actual purchase.

To learn more about the company’s warranties, check out its Terms of Service.

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However, you’ll have to spend money to make money. You may not be able to use a Bandicut or Bandicam coupon when you purchase screen capturing, video recording, and video editing software right now. But you can take advantage of the company’s discounted products today to begin your journey toward internet fame and stardom with minimal investment!
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