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True Botanicals is more than just a one-stop shop offering a myriad of wellness products. The company also puts a premium on health, innovation, safety, veganism, and sustainability. True Botanicals’ beauty solutions are clinically proven to deliver delightful, fast results to bring back your body’s youthful glow.

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Formerly known as True Natural Botanicals, True Botanicals takes pride in the fact that its formulas are Made Safe® certified. This means they contain none of over 5,000 known harmful ingredients, eliminating toxicity without sacrificing potency.The obsession with detail of Hillary Peterson, the company’s founder, has sent her across the world in search of the finest botanical extracts and pertinent scientific breakthroughs. Her personal mission is to unlock the secrets of Nature and harness Her wonders in the name of beauty and wellness.Are you excited to give True Botanicals a try at a discount? Check out the best True Botanicals deals for 2022 below.

True Botanicals 15% Off Coupon Code 2022

The True Botanicals website does not always display coupon and promo codes. Good thing you’ve come to the right place!

As a new customer, you’re eligible to knock 15% off your initial order. Just don’t forget to use the code RMN15 to enjoy the privilege!

You may not be comfortable splurging on beauty products you haven’t tried yet. Who isn’t, right? No worries. On your next purchase, you can use any of the following promo codes to lighten the cost of your shopping cart:

  • 20% Off - Use the True Botanicals coupon code TRUEVIP to pay just 80% of your entire purchase.
  • 10% Off - Like any other comparable True Nature Botanicals promo code in the past, this one will deduct 10% from all of your orders if you enter TAKE10 at checkout.

How to Find a True Botanicals Discount Code

Sadly, you can’t find any coupon codes on the True Botanicals website at the moment.

But don’t fret. You can always visit SaveMyCents to discover the latest and hottest deals from your ultimate source of transformative beauty solutions and other sought-after brands in the United States.

Promo Codes for Subscribing to True Botanicals Newsletter

If you don’t have time to regularly check our website for a True Botanicals promo code, sign up to the company’s mailing list to receive exclusive offers, insightful health news, and sage beauty and wellness tips from True Botanicals experts themselves.

How to Redeem a True Botanicals Coupon Code

As with any other old True Nature Botanicals coupon code, every new one must be entered in the designated field before checkout.

Shop as you normally would on any e-commerce site, and then copy and paste the code into the box on the checkout page. If the total sum of your receipt reflects the discounted price, it means that you’ve successfully redeemed the coupon!

Other Information About True Botanicals Coupon Codes

True Botanicals reserves the right to honor or cancel any coupon code, discount, referral credit, gift card, free trial, or any other promotional offer.

The company can also exercise its own discretion to impose conditions and/or limitations on the honoring of any coupon code, discount, referral credit, gift card, free trial, or any other promotional offer.

Also, every promo code may be used once per person only.

How to Save Without a True Botanicals Promo Code

Who said you need a free True Botanicals gift card or coupon to look younger and feel better for less the price? The California-based beauty brand offers a variety of smart shopping options to pamper yourself while saving a ton of money.

Below are wise ways to rejuvenate yourself while getting the most bang for your buck.

True Botanicals Subscription-Based Deals

If you’re happy with your True Botanicals trial kit, opt in for the company’s auto-replenishment subscription program. Not only will you get regular self-care supplies without lifting a finger, but you will also get a 15% off on every order.

Most, if not all, products on True Botanicals’ ever-growing catalog are part of this subscription service. So signing up means absolute convenience, guaranteed savings, and early access to future True Botanicals sales and newly launched products.

Not sure how often should you receive your supplies? True Botanicals takes away the guesswork.

Each subscription item comes with a suggested replenishment cycle. It’s just a recommendation that applies to the general public, so you have the freedom to put your delivery frequency setting on monthly, bimonthly, or quarterly as you see fit.

If you want to get a more tailored insight into your skin care needs in order to build a routine that suits you, take the two-minute True Botanicals Quiz. This quick and simple evaluation lets you determine the beauty regimen that makes the most sense to your skin type and self-care goals.

Managing your True Botanicals subscription is a breeze. You are free to adjust the delivery frequency, skip and/or change the delivery date of an incoming recurring order up to 72 hours prior to the scheduled date of shipment, and update your billing and shipping details.

Most importantly, you can cancel your subscription anytime. We don’t advise you to do so, though. Apart from ensuring uninterrupted True Botanicals self-care rituals and experiencing noticeable, long-lasting results, using this service means unmatched savings.

A one-time True Botanicals free gift is indeed an attractive money-saving promo, but regular 15% discounts add up before you know it.

True Botanicals Referrals

The beauty of inviting friends to use True Botanicals is that everybody can get a $20 reward.

Your referred friends will receive a code for the True Botanicals discount in the emails they used to register. Each of them can get 20% off their first order that is worth over $40.

Whenever a referred friend of yours makes the qualifying purchase, you will receive your own $20 discount code in your email. You can use the credit to purchase a non-subscription item.

Take advantage of your reward to buy a cleanser, toner, mist, face mask, essential oil, serum, shampoo, conditioner, body wash, lotion, or even an entire collection that you meant to try at a fraction of the cost.

True Botanicals Free Shipping

On top of the 15% discount on every subscription product, you will also get free shipping. This way, you will have one less thing to think about when shopping at True Botanicals and more positive energy to focus on your self-care.

True Botanicals’ Warranty, Trial, and Return Policy

True Botanicals does not guarantee customer satisfaction. However, it does have a 30-day return policy with conditions.

You can send back the product you bought, either through any of True Botanicals deals or a regular purchase, provided that the content of the product is at least half the volume of the original product delivered. Otherwise, you may not receive a refund.

True Botanicals may also decline to refund your payment if you abuse its return policy. A classic example is when you make a subsequent purchase, for doing so implies that you are satisfied with the product.

To start the return procedure, you will have to send the order number. Once your request is authorized, you will then receive detailed instructions to proceed in the next steps of the process. You will have the choice to accept either a refund or an Instant Credit.

If you select a refund, you could expect to get your money within one to two weeks. If you select an Instant Credit, you will get voucher code to buy a new item as long as the said product is not part of your subscription.

For more information about True Botanicals’ warranties and return policy, read the company’s Terms of Service.

Start Caring for Yourself the Botanical Way

Shop at True Botanicals to turn your home into a self-care sanctuary.

In this piece, you’ve learned everything you need to know about getting the most value for your money. Now, it’s time for you to fill your life with the right wellness essentials to bring out the healthier and more youthful version of yourself, one day at a time.

Get started today, and utilize every True Botanicals promo code before it expires!
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