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Unbounce is the leading brand that powers many successful digital marketing campaigns today. The company offers tried-and-true landing page templates (as well as pop-ups and sticky bars), eliminating the need to have staff developers or independent contractors to code them.

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Unbounce Coupon Code 2022

In our research, we’ve found out that there are some Unbounce coupons out there, although none of them (much like the company’s products) requires a code. The last time the company activated and accepted an Unbounce promo code might be three years ago.

How to Find Unbounce Coupon Codes

While it’s been a long time since the drag-and-drop landing page builder recognized an Unbounce discount code, it doesn’t mean it won’t offer code-based coupons again.

At SaveMyCent, we keep track of Unbounce page builder discounts all the time. If ever the brand decides to involve codes in its future Unbounce Black Friday deals and sales, you can bet on us to display them here accordingly.

Furthermore, we advise you to stalk Unbounce on social media to stay current with the latest happenings in the Canadian software company. The Vancouver-based builder of campaign-tailored, mobile-optimized landing pages is on Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

The brand is also on G2, so make it a point to read what other marketers think about it before subscribing to one of its plans and taking advantage of some great offers.

How to Redeem an Unbounce Coupon

When you encounter an Unbounce coupon, you’ll just have to click it. The link should direct you to another page where you can choose or upgrade your plan. In other words, discounts on Unbounce templates are applied automatically when you reach the company’s site via its coupons.

In case the company launches a special offer involving a promo code, it would likely be redeemable at checkout. When you select a plan, you should be able to find a designated coupon field where you could copy and paste the code. Normally, this box conspicuously appears at the bottom of your Order Summary.

If the promo code is valid, the total price of the plan should reflect the discount after the successful redemption. Otherwise, a message should appear somewhere on the page, stating that the code has expired or is invalid.

How to Save Without an Unbounce Coupon Code

SaveMyCent attests that you have a variety of code-less Unbounce money-saving options at your disposal. Discover different ways to save with the brand here:

Unbounce Deals

Free Trials

  • Launch Plan
    • Free for 14 days
    • Savings of about $45 for a monthly subscription or about $40.50 for an annual subscription
  • Optimize Plan
    • Free for 14 days
    • Savings of about $67.50 for a monthly subscription or about $61 for an annual subscription
  • Accelerate Plan
    • Free for 14 days
    • Savings of about $112.50 for a monthly subscription or about $101.50 for an annual subscription

Discounted Annual Subscriptions

  • Launch Plan
    • $81 per month (down from $90)
    • Overall savings of $108 for the whole year
  • Optimize Plan
    • $122 per month only (down from $135)
    • Overall savings of $156 for the whole year
  • Accelerate Plan
    • $203 per month (down from $225)
    • Savings of at least $264 for the whole year

Unbounce Referrals

The Unbounce Partner Program is an opportunity to earn rewarding and recurring revenue when referring marketers to the brand. The company generously offers a 20% commission on every referral that successfully subscribes to any of its plans, monthly or annually.

You’ll be able to pass savings on to your site visitors or followers with a 20% Unbounce monthly subscription discount for the first 3 months (or 25% off an annual plan).

Apart from the lifetime cut of 20% for every new business you drive to Unbounce, partnering with the company adds legitimacy to your own brand. Unbounce is a trusted name globally. So, its credibility could rub off on you if you let everyone know that you’re associated with it in a tasteful fashion.

What’s more, the Unbounce Partner Program is perfect for you if you’re carving out a niche in the digital marketing world by establishing yourself or your agency as a domain expert through the publication of insightful meta pieces.

If you’re an influencer with a passionate online community, recommending Unbounce solutions will help further solidify your reputation in your field, as it’s one of the best Unbounce offers around.

Since you’re a partner (and not just an affiliate), you can count on Unbounce to help you succeed. The company will provide you Anca, a dedicated Partner coach, who can guide you from start to finish and assist you with any concerns along the way.

With Unbounce’s custom dashboard, you can easily see whether your referral strategies are yielding good results and track your progress.

To help you close, you’ll have access to Unbounce’s excellent promotional resources, including training materials, to step up your game and help increase your conversion rate.

Unbounce Warranty, Trial, and Refund Policies

A free trial with Unbounce automatically becomes a paid subscription after 14 days, starting from the date of your signup. If you don’t want to be billed afterward, you should cancel within the 14-day period.

Unbounce bills in advance. If you do choose to be charged for and continue using the brand’s products after the free trial, you can just leave your subscription active. It will be renewed every month or every year (depending on the type of your subscription) on the same date.

Unbounce doesn’t issue refunds or credits if you downgrade or switch subscriptions or go from paid service to free. If you cancel after you get billed, you can’t request a full or partial refund. If you wish to change or discontinue an Unbounce plan, you should cancel at least one day before the end of the current plan’s period.

For more information, check out Unbounce’s Terms of Service.

Unbounce: Optimizing Landing Pages, Maximizing Lead Conversions

Unbounce has gotten the building of stunning landing pages, arresting sticky bars, and compelling popups down to a fine art. The company never stops evolving either, as it’s endlessly trying to improve the experience of its customers and partners.

Can’t wait to find out why discerning marketers love Unbounce? Grab your Unbounce coupon now to get started!

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