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22 Free Shipping Statistics to Help Skyrocket Your Business

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With ecommerce growing steadily and retail stores gradually dying out, the competition in the online shopping business is intensifying. Free shipping is slowly but surely becoming one of the most powerful weapons in ecommerce companies’ decisive battle for consumers. The free shipping statistics you’ll see in this article demonstrate this feature’s tremendous impact on customers’ […]

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35 Online Reviews Statistics to Underscore the Power of Social Proof

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Social proof is the unspoken force that fuels our deep-seated biases toward word-of-mouth recommendations. Otherwise known as informational social influence, this psychological phenomenon teaches us how to behave correctly in a given situation based on others’ observable actions and opinions. In this day and age, there’s no richer source of social proof than online reviews. […]

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15 Proven Omnichannel Statistics That Will Boost Your Sales

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Reaching your target audience is easier than ever. Businesses have plenty of ways to promote their brand and products: email, website, social media, messaging apps, and many others.  And if you think it’s a bit much, think again. According to omnichannel statistics, 50% of today’s customers use at least four touchpoints before making a purchase. […]