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30+ Incredible Walmart Statistics That Prove It Is Still A Retail Giant

by Milos Djordjevic

Walmart’s first store was opened in Rogers, Arkansas, in 1962. Its beginnings were humble, as the company was expanding to the chain of discount stores. Today, Walmart is a global retail giant and a synonym for high discounts and hypermarkets in the US. 

We’ve prepared the best Walmart statistics to showcase its power, along with some interesting facts to know. So let’s dig in!

Walmart Statistics - Editor’s Choice

  • Walmart employs more than 2.2. million workers all over the world.
  • 90% of the US population has at least one Walmart store in the 10-mile vicinity.
  • Walmart’s total revenue in the US in 2020 was $524 billion.
  • 50% of Walmart workers are part-time employees. 
  • 75% of store operational managers started as hourly workers in Walmart.
  • The majority of Walmart shoppers are baby boomers. 
  • In January 2022, Walmart Plus reported 11.5 million members.

General Walmart Facts and Stats

Before we dig into employment stats and some interesting Walmart facts, let’s cover the basics. Walmart is a retail giant for a reason, so let’s check the data which backs this up:

1. Walmart ranks as the world’s top retailer.

(Talk Business & Politics)

Many people would say that the top spot belongs to Amazon, but they’d be wrong. As Walmart’s total revenue was $510.33 billion in 2019, the company continued to hold the top spot in retailers’ global ranking. Amazon was second with $232.88 billion, while on the third spot was Costco Wholesale Corporation with $149.49 billion in revenue.

Still, Amazon leads the way in the ecommerce market, where it ranks as number one. It is also the biggest publicly traded company.

2. According to Walmart sales data, the company’s revenue has been rising since the beginning, enabling it to open two new stores each year.

(Money Nation)

In its first year of business, 1962, Walmart’s founder Sam Walton earned a million dollars. The company’s profits have been rising ever since, enabling it to expand faster by opening two new stores per year on average. 

3. 4,748 Walmart stores are currently open and active in the US. 


When looking into other Walmart company statistics, it’s important to know that not every Walmart store falls into the same category. These stores can be discount stores (which, initially, all Walmart stores were), supercenters, or neighborhood markets. In 2020, there were 3,570 supercenters in the US, 686 neighborhood markets, and 374 discount stores. 

4. Globally speaking, there are 11,500 Walmart stores.


The company earns its profits mostly from the stores based in the US territory, meaning that sales in the US generated 65% of the Walmart market share in 2020. However, the company is a solid competitor on a global scale as well. 

On top of that, you should also know that the company has three operational divisions, depending on its expansion era: Sam’s Club, Walmart International, and Walmart U.S.

5. The company’s stock will continue to grow.


Walmart is making its way as a publicly-traded company, and retail industry experts give it a positive forecast. Its stock was valued at $119.095 billion in 2019, and was forecasted to rise to $197.2 billion by the end of 2020. 

6. Walmart’s online sales are also rising and making an impact on Walmart’s total revenue.

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The company is becoming a trustworthy competitor in the ecommerce market as well. In 2020, its US online sales rose by 74%, which resulted in the company’s revenue growth to a fascinating $524 billion. If the company continues to catch up with the latest trends in the ecommerce market, that will signal steady growth in the future. 

7. When it comes to Walmart sales by category in 2021, it seems that most shoppers buy groceries.  

Walmart Statistics - Walmart sales by category in 2021

A less surprising stat reports that, in 2021, groceries generate 56.3% of total Walmart sales. Next on the list is general merchandise with a 32.3% share of sales, and health and wellness with 10.4%.

8. Walmart has over 6,000 stores outside of the US.


Walmart continued to expand its international empire outside of the US. Concerning the number of international stores, the largest number of them was in Mexico (2,599) and Central America (852) in 2020. Moreover, there were 435 Walmart Stores in China, according to Walmart stats for the international market. 

9. There are 3,570 Walmart supercenters in the US. 


Walmart supercenters are quite different from market and discount stores. They’re usually 69,000–260,000 square feet large and are branded as full-service hypermarkets. Besides shopping for groceries, shoppers can also buy electronic goods, go to beauty salons, car centers, photo studios, and similar. Supercenters also make up the majority of Walmart retail sales in total. 

10. On average, 265 million people globally visited Walmart stores per week in 2020.

Walmart Statistics - Number of weekly customer visits worldwide

In 2019, 275 million people visited Walmart stores all over the world. In other words, this would mean that there are more than 37 million Walmart customers per day on a global scale. 

The number of average visitors per week had been increasing until 2020, when it decreased to 265 million due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Estimations show that 240 million people will visit Walmart stores in 2021.

11. 90% of the US population has at least one Walmart store in the 10-mile vicinity.

(Business Insider)

This is, perhaps, one of the best-known facts about Walmart. Walmart’s shopping philosophy is quite simple — the company wants to be a “go-to” shopping center for most everyday items any household would need. They succeeded in achieving this goal, as almost the entire population of the US doesn’t need to travel more than 10 miles to reach a Walmart store. 

12. In 2020, Sam’s Club revenue grew by 1.6%. 


In 1983, Walmart opened its first Sam’s Club store under its subsidiary company of the same name. Carrying out the outlet shopping philosophy, Sam’s Club stores are membership-only retail stores offering incredibly high discounts on retail products, meaning that they significantly contribute to Walmart’s daily sales in the US. In 2020, Sam’s Club’s revenue continued to grow by another 1.6%. 

13. 70% of Walmart customers are Caucasian. 


A study from 2015 found that the majority of Walmart customers were Caucasian. In recent years, Walmart has been struggling to catch up with Target’s popularity among the younger population. According to Walmart shopper statistics, most Walmart customers are aged between 45 and 54. Walmart’s customers usually have annual earnings between $25,000 and $49,900.

14. At the beginning of 2022, Walmart Plus had 11.5 million members. 

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Walmart launched its membership program called Walmart Plus on September 15, 2020. By offering many advantages such as free delivery, discounts on prescriptions and fuel, and Scan & Go feature, Walmart’s plan was to compete on Amazon Prime

So far, in January 2022, Walmart Plus hit 11.5 members, with estimations to rise even more in the future.

Walmart Employment Facts and Stats

Walmart is one of the biggest employers in the US private industry, offering retail careers for many. Although the company has been criticized for lowering employee benefits in recent years, it’s still the stepping stone for many who are just starting a retail business career. 

15. Since 2013, Walmart has hired more than 250,000 US veterans.


One of the interesting facts about Walmart is that the company prides itself as a military-friendly community. In 2013, they announced that their goal was to hire 250,000 honorably discharged veterans to help them and their families. In 2020, they announced that they reached this goal, as they had hired more than 250,000 veterans as associate workers. Moreover, 44,000 of them were promoted to different roles of greater responsibility.

16. Walmart employs more than 2.2. million workers all over the world. 


The company is proud to be one of the retail business’s greatest workforces, with over 2.2 million employees. Walmart continually offers a range of careers with different responsibilities. According to Walmart statistics, the company employs 1.5 million workers in the US alone. 

17. 75% of store operational managers started as hourly workers in Walmart.


One of the best-known Walmart facts is their advertising of the career advancement possibilities for their workforce. Being promoted and rewarded for hard and dedicated work is at the core of Walmart’s professional philosophy. To back this up, the company often states that even 75% of their current store managers started at the bottom of the workforce as hourly workers. Their store managers currently earn an average of $180,000 per year. 

18. Walmart is the biggest employer across 22 states in the US. 


Starting a retail career with Walmart is almost an inevitable step for many people in the US. In fact, Walmart is the biggest employer in 22 states. The number of total Walmart employees in the US surpassed 1.5 million in 2019. Most of them are employed in Texas Walmart — 171,531. 

19. A large number of Walmart employees are employed part-time.


A 2018 study conducted on 7,000 Walmart employees in the US showed that half of the employees were part-time workers. Walmart is often criticized for employing so many workers part-time, as the retail industry standard usually sets somewhere around 30%. Part-time workers don’t have the job stability of their full-time colleagues, and they usually receive fewer employee benefits. 

20. 55% of the total Walmart workforce are women. 


According to Walmart diversity statistics, women make up 55% of Walmart’s total workforce, with 48% of them employed at management and 31% as corporate officers. 

As workplace diversity has become the norm in private businesses, Walmart often emphasizes the diversity among their employees, and it seems they’re keeping it in check. 

21. 42% of the workforce are people of color. 


Among other Walmart employment statistics, it should be noted that people of color are also well represented among workers. They make up 42% of the total workforce, with 31% being employed in management and 22% as corporate officers. 

22. The company introduced online degree programs for its employees for $1 a day.

(Harvard Business School)

In an effort to develop a more educated workforce, Walmart kicked off a program in 2018 that offered its workers an option to enroll in degree programs, charging them only $1 a day. Workers could choose among degree programs in business, technology, supply management, and similar. 

The program turned out to be quite popular, as 7,500 employees enrolled in it during its first year. 

Interesting Walmart Facts and Stats

Now that we’ve covered the basic stats about Walmart and recent stats on their workforce, let’s check some of the interesting facts about the company. Walmart has been around since 1962, and it sure made a mark in the US retail history. Keep reading! 

23. The biggest Walmart in the US is located in Albany, NY, and it’s spread across nearly 260,000 square feet. 


The biggest Walmart supercenter opened in 2008. It combines the previously-opened store of Sam’s Club and Walmart supercenter’s typical product selection. On average, Walmart supercenters spread across 179,000 square feet, but this one, located at the Crossgates Common shopping center, is nearly 260,000 feet across two floors. 

24. According to Walmart ecommerce statistics, this retail giant is ready to challenge Amazon. 


In the second fiscal quarter of 2020, the company achieved an incredible 97% growth in the ecommerce business. The growth amounts to $10 billion in revenue and an 11% share in the company’s total retail sales. This was the first time the company achieved such high revenue in online sales, and many are predicting that Walmart’s expansion in the ecommerce market will skyrocket in the next few years. 

25. 705 incidents happened on Black Friday in Walmart stores in 2019.

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Black Friday is the ultimate fighting ground for retail giants. When it comes to Walmart Black Friday statistics, the company managed to place in the top three retailers based on the revenue. However, one negative aspect of Black Friday lurks on: a total of 705 violent incidents due to huge crowds happened in Walmart stores in the past 12 years. One of the incidents that occurred in NY resulted in an employee’s death when a 2,000-people stampede crushed him. 

26. The majority of Walmart shoppers are baby boomers. 


Walmart shopper statistics reveal that, as of 2016, roughly 36% of its shoppers have been baby boomers. And this is not that surprising. Since it opened its doors in the 1960s, Walmart has become the synonym for discount shopping, enabling it to become a traditional American retail giant. 

27. Texas has the highest number of Walmart stores.

Walmart Statistics - Number of Walmart stores in the US

A total of 516 Walmart stores are located in Texas! Out of all Texas’s cities, San Antonio and Houston lead the pack with 29 and 26 stores, respectively. The next on the list is Florida, with 340 stores. 

28. The store in Doral, South Florida, is the Walmart store with the highest sales

(CBS Miami)

Out of all top Walmart stores in the US, one beats them all concerning sales. According to their spokesperson, the supercenter in Doral, South Florida, is Walmart’s most profitable store.

29. The Walmart average transaction size is $44.39, compared to Amazon’s $25.31.


On average, a shopper will spend $44.30 per store visit at Walmart. Compared to Amazon, Walmart’s biggest retail competition, it’s clear why Walmart remains the top giant in retailing. Of course, as the month comes to an end, the buying power decreases, so both retailers see lower transactions. 

30. In 2016, more than 200 violent crimes happened in the US Walmart stores. 


In recent years, Walmart has often been called “a magnet” for crime, so much so that we can now even talk about Walmart’s crime statistics as a separate conversation topic. For example, in 2016, more than 200 violent acts (including stabbing, shootings, and murders) happened in Walmart stores.

31. In 2019, Walmart launched AI-powered theft-tracking cameras in 1,000 stores. 

(Business Insider)

Walmart theft statistics show that the retail giant deals with significant losses due to theft. To stop this, the company introduced AI cameras based on computer vision technology in 1,000 stores to monitor store check-outs. 


Walmart is perhaps the best US company that witnesses how entrepreneurial spirit can take one’s efforts really far in the game. What originally started humble and small is now a gigantic worldwide business. Even when it’s criticized, our collection of Walmart company statistics prove that Walmart still remains the top retail business with millions of loyal customers.


What percentage of the market does Walmart have?

According to statistics on Walmart’s US revenue, Walmart sales account for 8.9% of total sales in retail. On top of that, its sales make up 2.8% of all consumer spending in the US. Concerning US retail in 2019, Walmart was the absolute winner with $510 billion in revenue in the US alone, while Costco, its top competitor, lags at $141 billion. 

How many people shop at Walmart?

The data on Walmart customers per day is a testament to Walmart’s popularity. On a global scale, approximately 265 million people visit a Walmart store in a week. Divided by seven, this would mean that roughly 38 million people shop at Walmart every day. 

How many Walmart stores were in the US in 2020?

In 2020, Walmart had 4,756 opened stores across the US. The company increases the number of Walmart stores every year, but the expansion slowed down a bit in recent years. This doesn’t necessarily mean Walmart is in trouble, but it may be a sign that the retailer managed to cover enough geographical areas to slow down for a while. 

How much does the average Walmart store make a year?

If Walmart’s total revenue in the US in 2020 was $524 billion across 4,756 stores, this would mean that a single Walmart store will make more than $110.1 million per year on average. Of course, the average revenue can vary a lot, depending on the type of a store, its size, and its location. 

How many employees does Walmart have?

According to Walmart employee statistics, the company employs more than 2.2 million employees all over the world. In the US alone, 1.5 million are employed, either in sales, managerial positions, or office and administrative roles. 

How big is Walmart?

Walmart store sizes vary depending on the store type. Walmart’s supercenters are the largest, and they generally spread across 69,000–260,000 square feet. The biggest Walmart in the US is the one in Albany, NY, located at the Crossgates Common shopping center, with 260,000 feet spread across two floors.

How much money does Walmart make?

Walmart’s net sales worldwide have been rising almost every year in the last two decades. Based on the current Walmart sales data, in 2020, the company earned $524 billion in revenue.

Is Amazon bigger than Walmart?

The competition between Walmart and Amazon is certainly a heated one. Amazon achieved incredible success in recent years, but it still hasn’t surpassed Walmart’s annual retail revenue. Still, Amazon leads in ecommerce revenue and is on its way to eventually take the throne from Walmart.

How many products does Walmart sell?

Based on Walmart statistics, it sells more than 35 million products in their online stores, from groceries to different media and technology products. However, a typical supercenter usually sells about 120,000 products a day. Besides selling tons of products, Walmart also offers great services such as key cutting and duplicating, money transfer, health services and much more.